Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom sells over 10 million copies in first 3 days, more

Nintendo has announced several new sales milestones for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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sparky77139d ago

Wow those are GTA level numbers and it's only on one platform, absolutely crazy. Nintendo really are in a league of their own when it comes to software numbers. It also means no one gave a crap about the price hike either.

Flawlessmic139d ago (Edited 139d ago )

Absolutely ridiculous, absolutely deserved.

Been playing it with every spare second I have, reckon iv put in atleast 45 hrs already 😅

I will say though the high sales is also likely to Nintendo not exactly have big bangers every yr, so when something like zelda comes everyone is pumped for it cause it's literally been yrs.

Not taking any thing away from it but I feel it does play a part

thesoftware730139d ago

I see your point, but I think no matter when Zelda comes out it will make a big splash.

And Nintendo released Pokemon recently, Fire Emblem, XC, Bayo 3(I know it's platinum) and many more, they have been putting out big games.

__SteakDeck__139d ago

@sparky77 People will pay for quality.

merlox139d ago

Quality? Bad frame rate, jittery graphics, downgrade from BOTW, not worth the $70 price tag, and gets boring quickly. Why does everyone give Nintendo a passing grade in everything?

northpaws139d ago


It is actually good, taking a break from my Jedi Survivor to play this at the moment, resolution a bit low, but it is highly polished, and extremely fun to play.

King_Noctis139d ago


Downgrade from BOTW? Now we know you’re just talking out of your a**.

neutralgamer1992139d ago (Edited 139d ago )

that's impressive very very impressive

quality games= great sales. W all wish more publishers would try to understand that but instead gaming is filled with launch now fix later GAAS model even for single player games

italiangamer139d ago

These are absolutely crazy numbers, very happy for Nintendo.

locomorales139d ago

Time to turn on mode "they have a huge installed base, so it's not that impressive". But these argument doesn't apply to ps4 because reasons.

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darkrider139d ago

True, the same person's say always that. It's only 8% of the install base. They don't understand how huge it is

Sgt_Slaughter139d ago (Edited 139d ago )

I've always found it odd how few PS4 games did spectacularly in terms of attachment rate. You'd think Sony exclusives would sell like gangbusters with the way they're hyped up and rival Nintendo games, but doesn't happen.

DigitallyAfflicted139d ago

Some Sony exclusives are merely good, plus you are spoiled for choice on the blue side...

SeTTriP138d ago

This is stupid logic, I knew somebody was going to go to attach rate (another cancer that MS brought to industry) to down play a great game.

This is like saying superbowl numbers numbers suck because only 50million people watch it instead of its 500milliom install base (America).

Zelda was never a huge selling franchise until botw, so by that logic Zelda has exponentially expanded they're base significantly and the 30mil this game will sell life time is a huge accomplishment for nintendo..

The game is great the sales are great so just congratulate.

We are looking at are goty, there's always next year, this is Nintendo year

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senorfartcushion139d ago

Good. Single player exclusives need to sell well.

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Demetrius139d ago

Ikr this game, hogwarts and GOW ragnarok shows single player games are still wanted not always online bullsh**