LEGO 2K Drive Review - Building Blocks | Cultured Vultures

A solid first lap for a racer that might need a bit more time to hit top speed, LEGO 2K Drive is still worth playing whether you’re young, old or somewhere in between.

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Kaii132d ago

"but it barely matters when you'll win every race until you hit a progression wall"
Buy to Play game with an F2P approach to monetization, no thanks.

Good looking apple on the outside but the core is rotten

Yi-Long131d ago

Another potentially great game, ruined by top-down monetization decisions by greedy suits to nickel & dime their customers, many of them very young.


Continue your build with LEGO 2K Drive Season 2

If you've been enjoying building things up in LEGO 2K Drive, then Season 2 of the Drive Pass should be one of interest.

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Lego 2K Drive Review -- Gamerhub UK

Mind a few speed bumps, this is one smooth Lego ride.

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15 Games of 2023 So Far That Were Massive Letdowns

GB: "Even in a year as excellent for gaming as 2023 has been, there have been more than a few disappointing releases."

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P_Bomb83d ago

Greyhill Incident had potential but got slammed. I’ll still try it, but on sale or GamePass. Someday.