Star Citizen Alpha 3.19 Released With New Content & Features Ahead of Free Fly Event

Today Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games released a new large update to its growing game, bringing new content and features.

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Terry_B131d ago

Can't wait for the full release of the game in..... oh lol its Starr Citizen


Starfield vs Star Citizen - 5 key differences

Finlay writes: "Starfield v Star Citizen: Which is best? In this guide, we'll go through some of the key differences between the titles to help you decide."

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PapaBop24d ago

The only key difference, one is released properly and a complete full experience for the price of a game, the other requires a second mortgage to get everything.

SyntheticForm24d ago

-Tom Selleck has entered the chat-

rlow124d ago

Can’t agree more. One has lived up to its promise to launch a full game. While the other just continues milk people for money. Never launched it’s single player game and just keeps on building more ships.

PCgamer9823d ago

One is a game and the other one is a beautiful tech demo.

CKLJ2423d ago

I will never lose faith in Star Citizen lol (yes i am delusional)

anast23d ago

Star Citizen is massively better than Starfield. Starfield is a loading screen.

DrShoe23d ago

One is a real game... the other... a pyramid scheme.

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Star Citizen Reveals Ship Showdown

More updates ahead. The Competition Heats up in Star Citizen’s Annual ‘Ship Showdown’ Event with Eight Community Picked Ships Vying for the Trophy, All Available to Fly for Free from Aug. 31 - Sept. 7


Star Citizen has raised 600 million dollars from backers

Star Citizen, the ambitious multiplayer space simulator, has been a topic of discussion and anticipation for years.

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VenomUK28d ago

It's likely that the people who have donated to Star Citizen will have some overlapping interest in Starfield.

-Gespenst-30d ago

I mean this is surely just a game-as-a-service at this point, right? They should probably just abandon the goal of "completing" the development of the game and releasing it, and just release it now as an MMO. Or is it even in good enough shape for that? Obviously it's a very ambitious game, but with 600 million, what exactly is stopping them from hiring loads more people and just getting it done? - you know, like every triple-A game. 14 years of active, uninterrupted development and 600 million dollars later and the game still isn't even close to completion. I really think there needs to be a thorough investigation of this whole thing, because it's undeniably fishy at this point. It just seems to have turned into a glorified NFT (spaceships) marketplace.

kneon29d ago

But if they actually finish it then how will they keep bilking ̶b̶a̶c̶k̶e̶r̶s̶ suckers for more money?

Goosejuice29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Not defending the game but the game itself is quite large. The world rhey have built is massive but at the same time feels empty. It's kinda weird. The core and concept is super cool and flying around is sweet. But u feel alone and the npc are terrible.

notachance29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Pretty sure most of the funds are spent now due to mismanagement and poor spending. I'd even bet if they don't get any further money at this point they'd soon cancel the game altogether because they don't have that much buffer left from the whole $600m, a number that exceeds Red Dead Redemption 2 combined development and marketing costs.

It's sad, I'm actually enthralled with the whole concept of the game they're making. In fact back in 2014 I built a gaming PC specifically to "prepare for Star Citizen release". Now after 9 years and 2 whole new gaming rig it still hasn't released. The idea is cool. The people working on it, not so much.

EvertonFC28d ago

And it's all ready started to look dated as it's took so long, by the time it's finished I can see it being 1billion.
It's absolute madness really, I've watched some people play it and it's almost if nothing really and lotsjif grinding asteroids etc.

Goosejuice28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

There's a decent amount of stuff to do. From deliveries to bounty hunting. I think lot of people think of this as more action type game when this is a sim so traveling and such takes some time. As for the graphics they are still really good and hold thier hold to any game now. The problem is this game started as the top tier graphics but now everyone has caught up.
The game itself though just feels so empty..like it dosnt have life. The npcs don't move or do anytbing really, and there's seems to be a couple of areas where everyone goes and everywhere else is just abandoned. Also...quite a few bugs that can straight up kill u.

JEECE28d ago

Yeah I've thought about that. Unless development is restarted several times, I don't know that game could ever be in active development that long and not end up looking dated.

Northpoint28d ago

$600 million seems a lot but considering the 14 years of development, that's about $45 million per year which if we look at AAA titles like COD that take 4-5 years of development and cost $200-250 million, it's about the same. But, At least COD or Activision is raking in billions of dollars for each release so.... eh.

-Gespenst-27d ago

Fair point, but if, say, Rockstar, had tried to make a game like Star Citizen, you can bet we'd have all played it by now. Same yearly budget; half the time AT MOST to actually finish making it, and I'm not implying that crunch is good or is the solution. I'm willing to bet there are a lot of people having a miserable time making Star Citizen as well. I suspect that the Star Citizen team are just milking the development game as much as possible without having to finish it - it's like they don't want to finish developing it.

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fsfsxii29d ago

Scam Citizen. You can thank PC gamers for ruining the industry, with the introduction of skins, scam citizen funding and GAAS they have effectively poisoned the well.

Michiel198928d ago

oblivion horse armor started on 360 my friend.

Knightofelemia29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

That many suckers eh for Blackhole Simulator.