Overwatch 2 PvE Hero Mode Canceled: 'A Difficult Choice'

Blizzard has officially scrapped Overwatch 2's long-awaited PvE mode, but the game's creative leads are assuring fans that PvE is still a focus for the game moving forward.

-Foxtrot137d ago

So basically the most promising thing and the main reason they justified putting 2 on the end of it.

Welshy136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

Not just the most promising thing, it was literally the entire purpose of the "sequel".

I called it MONTHS ago when they launched Overwatch "2" without the PvE that it was 100% a cash grab and merely an excuse to re-monitize Overwatch 1 and fill it with BS mtx and FOMO. I wish I wasn't right because I used to love OW back in 2016/17, but here we are. Activision Blizzard are the worst.

v_eno_m136d ago

The writing was on the wall after Jeff Kaplan left

SullysCigar136d ago

Surely they need to face regulatory repercussions for this move. They've just mugged gamers.

Chevalier136d ago

Damn I absolutely loved Overwatch 1 and didn't really have time to jump on Overwatch 2, but, sounds like I might just not bother. The PvE story stuff was the only reason I wanted to jump on and play this with friends.

Kaii137d ago

Overwatch 2 (Overhauled monetization) edition
Now we know ^.^

Snookies12136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

Seems about right for Blizzard. Their fans are getting left out in the cold.

LG_Fox_Brazil136d ago

Wait... but this was the whole purpose of actually releasing Overwatch 2... Wtf is happening?

Welshy136d ago

Blizzard wanted all of your £££££ £ in return for literally nothing, that's what's happening.

"What's that, you were willing to let the battle passes and mtx slide on the condition you got a great a great PvE experience from it? Well get f**ked Overwatch community!" - ActiBlizz, 2023

gleepot136d ago

Overwatch 2 is a free to play game.

Welshy136d ago

Are the battle passes that lock the heroes behind them free? Are the skins and emotes I could earn in-game in OW1 now free in the OW2 mtx store?

"F2P" has long been a thinly veiled excuse to fill games to the brim with BS mtx, battle passes and FOMO. Especially when it literally replaced and deleted OW1 which I paid full price for and had none of thar garbage in it (loot boxes aside obviously).

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