Steam Game Trials Launched, Dead Space Remake 90-Minute Demo Out Now

Steam game trials have seemingly launched on the platform, with the critically acclaimed Dead Space remake now offering 90 minutes of play time.

masterfox132d ago

cool, will finally know if I will be able to run this game properly with a 3070 in QHD. :D

Snookies12132d ago

Right there with you haha. Gonna see how my 3070 runs this. I'm sure it'll run just fine, but curious to see how it performs regardless!

masterfox132d ago

nice!, getting solid framerate! almost all the highest settings, removed that grain effect, and reflections to medium, DLSS to quality, at the beginning while in the ship and then to the corridor, between 75 to 90 fps, then after after I got the main weapon start getting between 100 to 120 fps, is nice when you don't have to do alot tweaking in the visuals options and have a good framerate.

phatak131d ago

It runs extremely well, I was worried about the stuffer that I had heard about when it initially launched but I think it was probably patched. I generally don't even play the latest games as I'm still trying to catch up on a huge backlog but it was the first time in like 3 years that I bought a game right after the trial, one of the best-looking games I've seen, was simply blown away.

Venoxn4g131d ago

It is good that more people can try now

ElendilsSorrow131d ago

I hope this is extended to other titles as well - being able to play Sonic Frontiers on PS5 through the PS Plus trial sold me on the game as a hesitant long-time Sonic fan. I've gamed on PC all my life, and Koei doing the Wo Long trial was also critical to my purchase of the title later. Hoping this becomes normal again

Petebloodyonion131d ago

It's gonna be quite an interesting experiment for Steam.
I hope they can tell if this impact the refund rate that Steam has.
For example, if it cut the number of ppl asking for a refund by half.
Also how it impacts sales.

GoodGuy09131d ago

They're probably annoyed with the refund rate so this seems to be a small solution lol.

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