The 10 Best Star Wars Games Ever Made

Many video games take place in a galaxy far, far away, and, much like the movies, some are better than others.

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10 Movies That Could Be Really Great Video Games

Great stories come in all shapes and forms; while some people would rather watch movies, some others prefer the interactivity that only video games have to offer. For some reason, the practice of turning popular movies into console games has fallen out of fashion in recent years – and that’s terrible news for both film aficionados and gamers alike.

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FreeckyCake14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

They already made a couple of " The Mummy " games, and honestly, they all sucked big time. The Last one I've played was the game iteration of Tom of the Dragon Emperor, and that was disappointing.

Dredd has been made into ... I think 4 games? the last one I played was Judge Dredd vs Death. It was based on the comics, and it ended in a cliffhanger. If only a sequel were to be made...

Edit: Still a great topic, though!

I think the closest you can have to Kill Bill is No More Heroes 1. The vibes, the coolness, the gore and everything just screams Kill Bill! Kill Bill! Kill BIll!!!! haha


Unity plan pricing and packaging updates

Effective January 1, 2024, Unity will introduce a new Unity Runtime Fee that’s based on game installs. Unity will also add cloud-based asset storage, Unity DevOps tools, and AI at runtime at no extra cost to Unity subscription plans this November.

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Unity reveals plans to charge per game install, drawing criticism from development community

"It's an absolute f*cking catastrophe".

Unity has announced dramatic changes to its Unity Engine business model which will see it introduce a monthly fee per new game install beginning on 1st January next year - a move that has drawn considerable criticism from the development community.

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Palitera20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Also, according to Yahoo, last week "Unity Software Inc's President and CEO John Riccitiello Sells 2,000 Shares".
It continues: "The insider transaction history for Unity Software Inc shows a clear trend: over the past year, there have been 49 insider sells and no insider buys. This could be a red flag for potential investors, as it suggests that those with the most intimate knowledge of the company's operations and prospects are choosing to sell their shares."

* https://finance.yahoo.com/n...

italiangamer20d ago

Isn't this insider trading? Basically a financial crime?

Palitera20d ago

"It's only insider trading if poor people do it"

Snookies1220d ago (Edited 20d ago )

@Palitera - Yep, that's the world we live in. If you're rich and powerful, the law doesn't really apply to the wealthy the same way it does normal folk. Then there's the bond system. Any rich person that goes to jail, they just get to pay some pocket change and get to be let free thank to the bail bond system! It's so nice that if you have money, you can walk around free regardless of your crimes.

Angyobangyo19d ago

He's the same sleazeball who said this in a shareholders meeting years ago when he was EA CEO,

"When you are six hours into playing Battlefield and you run out of ammo in your clip and we ask you for a dollar to reload, you’re really not that price sensitive at that point in time,”

VersusDMC20d ago

There will be fees for installing game demos that let you buy the full game, early access and betas... Epic must be celebrating in anticipation of everyone moving to Unreal.

Palitera19d ago

Yes, I feel sorry for companies that have stabilized businesses and will have to TRY to shift focus.

For premium games, the fee is not that relevant, but for small, free mobile or free web games, this is a big strike.

The balance between revenue per user and user acquisition cost is usually very tight, and now it has been severely broken.

And if you think “screw F2P and small games”, remember these are the companies and devs that might make the indie gem you might love.

Chard20d ago

Hopefully this doesn't cause problems for Silksong

Sephiroushin19d ago

if i were them I just look a way to move it into another engine, this thing unity is doing is super abussive, if it doesnt cause problems it will do for us by them increasing the price, it was also coming to gamepass i believe, imagine if people download it multiple times 🤦🏻

Palitera19d ago

It’s all uncertain right now.

Unity said Microsoft would be charged in Game Pass games.

The thing is: the contracts usually have clauses that push extra costs forward to the devs.

So, if Unity keeps the policy, either MS accepts the hit alone or the costs will be forwarded to consumers or devs.

Vits19d ago

And that is why engine consolidation is the issue that it is. It allows the company that operates the very few commercial options available to do whatever they want and their consumer base can only shallow it.

Palitera19d ago

Yeah, but the alternatives aren’t even close. Hopefully this will put Unreal as lead for III, AA and above, and Cocos/Godot for smaller titles.

Vits19d ago

That is not hopeful at all. That is still engine consolidation, is just transferring the power from Unity to Epic and Godot. Sure the latter is open source and therefore much safer, but the issue remains especially with Epic and the Unreal engine, those guys already partake in some real shady stuff with their store. The last thing they need is more power over development.

Palitera19d ago

I agree, but, in the current state of game development, there aren't many options. It's not like we can choose to have a FOSS engine taking over right now.

Inverno19d ago

Corporate greed continues to evolve in unexpected ways. I was wondering how this will work if devs choose to move onto another engine and stop subscribing to Unity. Will they have to delist games to prevent new downloads? Will Unity prevent access to the games we purchased if the devs no longer want to pay them?

shinoff218319d ago

Can they hamper access to games that could be technically called grandfathered in

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