Humanity Review - IGN

IGN wirtes: "It somehow manages to intermingle platforming, action, and real-time strategy elements with mind-bending finesse, and its open-endedness means I could be sitting here and tinkering with it for years – much like I have with other games with great level creators like Dreams and Little Big Planet. Humanity bursts out of left field with something so unexpectedly brilliant that I can’t help but recommend it to everyone who’s ever enjoyed a puzzle game."

potatoseal133d ago

Nice I love puzzle games and it seems this one is a banger

Blastoise133d ago

Seems like the kind of weird PSN game that would have come out during the PS3 era. I miss those kinda games so might check this out

italiangamer133d ago

Yep, something ala The Last Guy.

Elda133d ago

I enjoyed TLG...hilarious fun.

blackblades133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

Right, actually this reminds me of one of those games thays similar for got the name.

Eonjay133d ago

This game is excellent and a nice change of pace from the ordinary.

If you are playing in VR one thing IGN fails to mention is that you can still play with the DualSense.

Babadook7133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

Yup. And I need more sit down and dualsense games like this for quick play sessions.

Knushwood Butt132d ago

I played with DualSense but next time will try with whatever those VR controljers are called.

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