British Regulator CMA Reacts to EU Clearing Microsoft's Activision Blizzard Acquisition

British Antitrust regulator CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) has issued a response to the decision by the European Union to clear Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Abracadabra141d ago

British are too stubborn. Unlikely CMA will change their mind.

SmortBoie141d ago

Hey! I.. we.. You can't...


343_Guilty_Spark141d ago

Screw em. UK gamers will be the ones that suffer from the CMAs idiocy

BehindTheRows141d ago


And how, pray tell, will they suffer?

Profchaos141d ago

@343 doesn't the deal require a complete approval across the board if one fails it all falls

141d ago
darkrider141d ago

Not stubborn. Just aren't in the pocket of a trillion company that wants monopoly but can't even manage 23 studios....

GamerRN141d ago

They don't need approval across the board. They can just exclude the UK or create a company that operates independently that handles Activision and another for Microsoft in the UK. Activision UK and Microsoft UK.

Then the deal is done. Problem solved.

Redemption-64141d ago


That is actually a lie. Not only was the CMA giving more power, they will followed by making sure Microsoft/Activision cannot merge in the UK for the next 10 years, followed by not allowing both companies to buy shares in each other, I believe without CMA approval. Is this what you and your ilk call scrutiny?

KillBill141d ago


No. That portion of the contract simply allows more so Microsoft leeway in the process. ABK doesn't really have a valued interest in disallowment of deal based on that contract point.


Not correct. They simply added terms applying during appeal process. As is MS/ABK could go through with deal and the most CMA could do is lay fines. Of which UK can judicially overturn said fines. Currently appeal process at most hands it back to CMA to reaccess if anything.

DarXyde140d ago


Explain. Please. How on earth are UK Gamers going to "suffer"?

What changes for them? You're just saying nonsense because you want the deal to go through and there's zero substance behind that statement. Make your case instead of saying stupid, cryptic things.

You know who does suffer? Gamers, because the corporation with the worst studio management capabilities would be in control of one of the biggest publishers. Society and the justice system, because the execs would be exonerated of all wrongdoing going on prior to the bid.

The only ones who "win" in this scenario are Game Pass humpers who don't buy games and a bunch of rich assholes.

MontyeKristo140d ago

Darkrider - if they can't even manage 23 studios, then where's the harm if the deal were to go through?

DarXyde140d ago


I assume you mean me (my username is not darkrider).

What is the harm? Personally, I don't care if ABK as a corporation gets run into the ground. I'm not even saying their current leadership is good. You would struggle to find someone who despises ABK more than me. I haven't given them a penny in nearly 2 decades. That all said the harm I foresee is continued industry consolidation and further perpetuation of a subscription model, both things I am strongly against. Take that with poor management and I think that puts us in a situation where half-assing games is tolerated because "at least it's on Game Pass". Games are already broken, I feel pretty sure this will make it much worse because it will normalize people being okay with it.

More of an issue for me personally is how this acquisition offers a golden parachute to truly reprehensible people, as well as what is certain to result in massive labor force reduction. I find Microsoft's laser focus on prominent IP acquisition over talent to be gross. I'm sure they don't care about the talent behind Call of Duty; they just want Call of Duty.

Those are issues I would anticipate. I don't think any of that is healthy for the industry we all enjoy so much. I'm against it as a matter of principle on many levels, but not because "it would hurt PlayStation". I don't really care about that and Sony will be fine if they don't have Call of Duty. It's all the other stuff, especially the execs slithering away without facing justice—I should add, of Microsoft guaranteed Kottick and the rest of the ABK rogue's gallery faced justice, I would support this deal, all of the other stuff be damned. There needs to be a message sent that no one is above judgment and it's maddening to think that people are okay with that being allowed to happen if they can play their video games at a lower cost up front.

You can disagree with my reasoning, and that's fine. But you asked for my thoughts, and here they are. Cheers.

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141d ago
Redemption-64140d ago


A new UK law literally gave them more power


Battlestar23141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

Can't believable that the CMA is still acting childish the way they are. MS is an American company no other country can tell am American company what mergers they can or can't do in other countries. The UK needs MS more than MS needs the UK. Hopefully with Phil Spencer meeting the British PM next week he lets the PM know that the UK can't treat an American company like this.

gold_drake141d ago

everything you say sounds like propaganda, whats up with that haha.

bloop141d ago

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce N4G's very first Karen......... Battlestar23!!


Aka Orchard lmaoooooo 🤣😂🤣

Hofstaderman141d ago

Why is he allowed to have so many accounts? The style of the posts are all the same and the semantics and grammar used.

Chevalier141d ago

Right? I'm not understanding why so many people want this sale to go through. Regardless of whether it's owned by MS or not doesn't change the fact the people would still get the games. Outside of Gamepass possibly saving the odd person a little. But considering most people would play the game for a long time it may be cheaper to just buy the odd game outright

FinalFantasyFanatic140d ago

N4G should really start dropping the ban hammer or marking these accounts so the owner is obvious somehow (I'm sure he's not the only person here with multiple accounts).

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senorfartcushion141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

Lmao alright then.

Did you know that entire countries have to employ accountancy firms to handle their monetary affairs?

lodossrage141d ago


Oh please, that sounds like Nationalist dribble.

Since the FTC is fighting to block it just like the CMA, Is Spencer going to meet with the president and let him know "America can't treat an American company like this"??

On a side note, does anyone notice how the FTC and CMA are meant to act independently UNTIL they rule in a way big business doesn't like? Then all of a sudden lobbyists come out, crying to prime ministers, threats, and campaign donations kick in.

LoveSpuds141d ago

The arrogance of Americans blows my mind sometimes....."..can' t treat an American company like this", do you know how much of a plonker you sound right now?

lodossrage141d ago

It's not all of us bro lol. But I understand your point.

SonyStyled141d ago

I like to think it’s mostly teenagers behaving like that. The older you are, the more you’ve seen, the more you’ve been through, the more experience you have for better judgements

shinoff2183141d ago


Please don't lump us all into that. Not all Americans are like this. Unfortunately since about 2016 there's been more and more of these types coming out

LoveSpuds141d ago

Yeah, apologies that I made something of a sweeping statement. I realise there are plenty of Americans who are more self aware.

Unfortunately, we have a very similar issue in the UK where a good chunk of the population believe in UK exceptionalism.

darkrider141d ago

It's sad. They think money can bend the knee of everybody...

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Mr_cheese141d ago

Merger aside, you've got a real issue Battlestar. The ignorance you're spilling onto N4G is outstanding.

Vengeance1138141d ago

Your post is the definition of entitlement. You are definitely 'murican with that attitude. Also many many countries CAN definitely tell any American company, especially Microsoft exactly what they can and cannot do. MS is not above the law as you may think.