Why Red Dead Redemption 2 Is The Least Replayable Rockstar Game

DualShockers Writes "How can a game that's so good be so hard to play again?"

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Abear21132d ago

Yup, always shoot the horse instead of mount it and dip in and out of cover when I don’t mean to. This is most games though and after an hour it’s fine. RDR2 replay is just waiting on that 60fps patch that’s seemingly never coming.

TheEnigma313132d ago

The game was good but the controls were horrendous

MinnesotaFatts132d ago

Yep. Rockstar has this weird fixation on making controls as realistic as possible to the detriment of being, you know, FUN.

myfathersbastard132d ago

I actually just loved this lol started replaying it, got 15 or so hours in and stopped. It’s a great game. The first time you play it it’s all new and you (at least I did) went full role playing mode and just lived in the world. But now it’s so slow, and I was more in the mood to shoot some dudes and play cowboy for a bit.
Prob just wasn’t in the mood to really dive deep again.

Elda132d ago

One of those games that most folks on this site seems to like but I just couldn't get into.

MinnesotaFatts132d ago

The campaign is FANTASTIC and better than most of what's gotten pumped out by Hollywood in the last several years, but I understand if you hit a barrier for entry. Rockstar is weirdly fixated on hard-scripted mission progression and realism in how their character models move and interact, and it muffles the FUN aspect of the gameplay.

Elda132d ago

I hear you I tried it for 6 hours & it just wasn't my cup of tea.

itBourne132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Realistic? Game controls like Killzone which everyone bitched about... Then add the twice as baffling button combinations... but its Rockstar right, can still control like a ps2 game and all is okay... honestly who picked out the control schemes, like square to open a door but triangle to open the gate, but circle to open the dresser, i dont even know to be honest because it makes zero sense

seanpitt23132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

I would definitely play it again if they did a ps5 version.. I can't play it on my PS4 pro now with being spoilt with 60fps this generation

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jeromeface4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

hopefully my og ps4 disk version gets upgraded to the ps5 version for free