Xbox Series S and X hit 2m sales in the UK, 12 weeks faster than Nintendo Switch

Microsoft hit two million sales of Xbox Series S and X after 128 weeks

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thesoftware730135d ago

Not too shabby.

But I suspect this will be somehow spun into a negative or some technical mumbo jumbo that hardly matters.

BehindTheRows135d ago

Or you could just be happy for the milestone and stop looking for things to complain about.

TiredGamer135d ago

I'll start... 1.5M Series S... 500k Series X.

Sadly, we'll never know if it's true or not.

BehindTheRows135d ago

I’m serious. Some of you gripe about a certain clique of fan here but then Moab and complain before a peep out of them.

thesoftware730135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Lol, it's not moaning, more like predicting.

That is why I said, "I suspect"....then instead, you hang on to your notion, instead of seeing the few comments on here doing what I "Predicted"...not "moaned", or are you implying my comment made them do this? If so you are not paying attention. Go look at the Forza 30mill user article, it's knowing the flow, and calling it out.

But feel free to ignore the reality, and use terms, like "Gripe" and "Moan", to downplay a reality-based happening, all while ignoring the 100% guaranteed bad actors trend, that I "Predicted" would happen.

shinoff2183135d ago

The software730

Pretty little wordplay doesn't negate that you were actually just batching and moaning.

thesoftware730135d ago



Status quo...nothing to see here.

At least I detailed it from a bit if the same nonsense.

Bitching and moaning :)...so cute....i swear if y'all only knew me in RL, you would know that this is just a time killer, and the moment I put my phone down...i care not.

No, for real, like seriously, like no joke, lol

pitythefool135d ago

So make a flame baiting comment complaining that peeps are going to complain.

Yeah you’re a bell end.

BehindTheRows135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

It's like you need something to talk about other than an Xbox milestone. You like the drama, because someone uninterested would be just that.

Screaming "but watch the haters" when no haters were even here says you should up the rent bill in your brain.

pitythefool135d ago

You literally were moaning about people potentially moaning, clearly intended to instigate.

And now that hasn’t worked you’re going down the condescending smart cunt route.

You also have the most comments in the thread so you prob care more than most.

thesoftware730135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

What didn't work? Lol...

What an interpretation...do you think I needed something to work or some type of agreement..Boy oh boy..

The truth is never condescending, it's only perceived that way by other who think differently. So I understand your point of view even if it's wrong...that why I wish you knew me in RL lmao.

Having the most post menas nothing, I started something and responding accordingly...u know the thing people do when they are...um talking.

You guys with all these hidden interpretations, wowzers, I mean what I say, and say what I mean...I don't do dancing around anything...no need to interpret anything.

Ha, you called me a Cunt!! Ooooh you gonna get a warning. Don't be triggered my guy, refute what I said, because this gets u no where...

pitythefool134d ago


Refute what, nobody was doing what you claimed would happen, not a soul, meaning what you said wasn’t the truth, which in part makes you wrong.

So you tried to stir it up, that’s it, the end.

So yes you were trying to be a condescending smart cunt (basically smart arse my neck of the woods).

Oh and if anybody’s coming across as “triggered it’s you, trying to appear overly joyous is usually a tell tale sign.

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BrainSyphoned135d ago

UK physical game sales this week
1. Tears of the Kingdom
5. Mario Kart
7. Mario Odyssey
8.Breath of the Wild
9. Animal Crossing
10. Xbox finally makes the list with a non-exclusive game- Minecraft Legends

I think Nintendo will be able to swallow their medicine.

DeusFever135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

On home consoles, over 70% of game sales are digital. Probably even higher than that by now. Xbox Series S can’t play physical games (and neither can the PS5 digital). Nintendo is the last holdout for physical games, and I get it. I would rather give my kid a cartridge with Zelda than a gift card for Nintendo bucks or whatever. So I don’t give physical sales numbers much credence anymore. But I do give credence to console sales.

shinoff2183135d ago

You got a link for consoles specifically. I mean that by alot of these percentages like to add mobile gaming with it.

Christopher134d ago

***On home consoles, over 70% of game sales are digital.***

This is misleading in that it includes things like MTX in it, including F2P games that are very popular. That 70% number is based on the percentage of sales, not on a comparison of the number of retail versus digital game sales.

Ra3030135d ago

Why would one post this story and do it while taken a shot at another console.... It took 2 1\2 yrs to reach this number. I would get it if it was the fastest ever to hit that number but its not even close and to say "12wks faster" than another doesn't make this more impressive, maybe more embarrassing.

Owlbert134d ago

No wonder I can never connect to anyone in the UK...

Charlieboy333134d ago

Ahead of the Switch.....but behind the Nintendo Wii, PS2, PS4, PS5, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 1. Weird flex.

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shadowT13h ago

blurry and lower textures? Lets wait for final game.

Lightning775h ago

DF plans on starting a console war between GT and Forza in a few weeks or so....

I thought DF was above all that, better than that.