Every PlayStation Gaming Hardware Ranked

GB: "Across consoles, handhelds, and VR, we rank all of Sony's illustrious platforms from worst to best."

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chicken_in_the_corn135d ago

My ranking:

S2Killinit134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

My personal opinion:
PS1 (come on, how exciting were these times?)
PS4 (interchangable w PS2)
PS2 (interchangable w PS4)
My Alpha 7RIII (photography is a game to me)

Knushwood Butt134d ago

Nice camera.

My a6000 is playing up. Any suggestions? I mainly do sports photography (baseball).

S2Killinit134d ago

Thank you. Honestly, if you are doing it as a hobby then you really would be good with any of the full frame cameras just look for the one that is within your budget and still has a solid burst. I took a alpha 7 II some years ago to a Real Madrid game, with a really good telephoto lens and man it did just fine. I took some epic photos that day.

If you do it more professionally, I’ve heard that the Sony A1 is a beast of a sports camera. But then if your are doing it professionally I’m probably not the guy to advise you on it (:

Deathdeliverer134d ago

It’s early for PS5 of course, but for me it’s;
PS1- How do you compete with the beginning of metal gear solid, resident evil, parappa, soul edge, final fantasy 7, 8, and 9, siphon filter, Tobal 2, Tekken 1-3, and on and on.

PS2- Simply the sheer number of amazing titles. ZOE, Metal gear again, Final fantasy 10, Bouncer, Tekken Tag, God of war, Socom, Final fantasy 11, eye toy, and again, the list goes on.

PS3, 4, 5 are neck and neck. My most beaten game in ages was Demon Souls on PS3. My most Beaten game since then was Bloodborne on PS4. My most beaten game since then is Returnal on PS5. 3 excellent games that aren’t for everyone, but my god they were amazing.


Agreed with PS1...Sony literally brought arcade level hardware graphics home.

mandf134d ago

Demon souls was the my favorite game on ps3. LittleBigPlanet I think was the best game on ps3

mandf134d ago

Ps3 psvr 2 ps2 ps5 ps4 vita psp ps1

Rebel_Scum134d ago

A PS1 on a 30 degree angle with a book under one side or maybe a couple of game cases is certainly an unbeatable quality.

Deathdeliverer134d ago

Lol I never had that issue but I’ll be damned if I haven’t witnessed the struggle at a friends house. I’ve had luck with every system I’ve ever had except OG NES (blowing cartridges and keeping taking alcohol out my parents room was insane, and Xbox one just suddenly stopped turning on. No 360 issues even though everyone around me was on system 3 lol.

mandf134d ago

The good old nes days classic

SeTTriP134d ago

Don't forget putting them in the freezer.

Rebel_Scum133d ago

I’d argue your PS1 was faulty lol

Dandalandan117134d ago

Omg that's exactly the same thing in our household haha.
The number of game cases or books have to be just right in order for the game to work flawlessly.

jznrpg134d ago

Loved them all it’s a progression and things change so I enjoyed them all for different reasons.

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