Wii Cracked

Nintendo today told SPOnG that it's not prepared to offer comment on the new product that a US-based online store,, is planning to sell. Strange, as this product is expressly designed to compromise the Wii's anti-piracy software. It's called 'WiiKey' and it is publicly available on February 28th,.

According to the company:

"The WiiKey is your universal Solution!
The incrdible, fantastic, Wiikey modchip for the Nintendo Wii has arrived! This is one of the easiest modchips to install on any system. A quicksolder pattern on the PCB board removes the need for wires. All you need to do us solder onto the designated parts and you're finished!!! This awesome chip also boasts upgradeablity via Disc or DVD!
Other Features include: An optional off feature and LED to let you know when your Wiikey is on or off."

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Papz28w84895d ago

Nintendo: Damn Wii got owned!

Harry4895d ago

Yeh I can see it now... little johnny waiting for his Dad to get home some they can install the modchip they got from the store.

The fact of this matter is that the only people that do this kind of stuff are neds with their PSXs waiting for the guy down the market to chip it or 'leet haxxors' who rebel against these big companies by pirating games and software.

SuperSaiyan44895d ago

Might get this 'upgrade' IF it allows me to import games from the USA still waiting on the blasted DBZ game thats been out since launch in the USA!!! GRRRRR!!!!

ChickeyCantor4894d ago

im not doing it, its connected to the server and i want to update my system, i know for sure that nintendo comes with a update that will lock up your system so no thnx