If Games Are Going To Be $70, Nintendo’s 2-For-1 Voucher Should Be An Industry Standard

Games are getting too expensive, but the solution is right there.

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closed_account129d ago

This is actually one of the more consumer friendly practices that Nintendo does lately. I really like it. I'm going to pick up Tears of the Kingdom and Advanced Wars Reboot at the end of the month, which ends up being a $30 savings.

This helps w some of these titles that you'd otherwise wait for a sale on.

Tacoboto128d ago

I like the DIY Monolith Open-World Bundle: Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Tears of the Kingdom for $100!

Chevalier128d ago

Is this a coupon for physical releases in store or digital copies?

LonDonE128d ago

Just digital, also you have to be a nintendo online subscriber.
Thing is i like it, but you need to think this is digital only and requires active nintendo online sub and voucher lasts only a year i believe. Couple that with nintendo games being ever green and so 5 year old titles still cost the same.. this ruins it slightlty, on the flip side i prefer physical nintendo games as again they dont use value and hold resale value...

CrimsonWing69128d ago

Advanced Wars is excellent! Great to see people supporting the game.

jznrpg129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

It’s not any 2 games though. It’s limited with Zelda as the new game and some older games.

--Onilink--128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Not its not. You can pick 2 games other than Zelda, its just TotK being $70 is the one where it makes the most sense.

(Of course its not ANY 2 games either, there is a list)

jznrpg128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Yes you can pick any 2 games but it’s a limited amount of games and Zelda was the newest one

--Onilink--128d ago

That is not at all what your comment reads as.
No one is forced to choose TotK as one of the 2 titles and the other titles included are not just some older games, it has rather recent games and even unreleased ones

Bayonetta Origins
Bayonetta 3
Advance Wars
Fire Emblem Engage
Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes
Splatoon 3
Xenoblade 3
Pokemon SV
Mario Strikers
Pikmin 4
Triangle Strategy

Etc, there is a ton of games to choose from and a lot released within the past 12 months

closed_account128d ago

It's a huge list of games. I'm well aware of the options, which is why I said Tears of the Kingdom and Advanced Wars Reboot.


closed_account128d ago

74 options if you look at filter. You can't claim that it's just a few!

P_Bomb128d ago

Enjoy Otter! Let me know how you liked them!

Weallgame129d ago

Yall are not suggesting that this is in anyway a good thing? Omg first games should not be 70 on switch period nomatter what it is, second this is just a scummy way to get you to spend 100 instead of 70 smh

MWeaver589128d ago

> second this is just a scummy way to get you to spend 100 instead of 70

What makes it "scummy?" It's basically buy one, get one 33 percent off, which is a common sale (just an uncommon amount). Like, if you want to buy two games you're going to come out ahead, and if you don't, well, you just don't buy it.

--Onilink--128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

The fact that you think $70 is somehow tied to just pretty graphics is a bit concerning. The game took 6 years to make and you can clearly see by playing it or in reviews that no one is asking where those 6 years went to because the game is absolutely packed with content.
It is perfectly possible for a Switch game to be $70 because Nintendo isnt going to tell its developers that they cant have good salaries for their 6 year project just because the graphics arent as good….

Also, of course its a way to guarantee 2 sales instead of 1, but given that they are giving you a discount for it and you have an entire year to spend it however you like, why is it “scummy”?

Extermin8or3_128d ago

It's actually a fact that development costs are linked to graphics essentially. The increase in costs is associated with a need to increase the resolution of assets each generation it's why historically a new generation has often seen dev costs balloon several times Iver before slowly settling down as the generation goes on. The fact remains that one of the reasons games increased in price was almost a decade at a stationary price point so built up inflationary pressure and the increase in dev costs associated with moving to the new generation and 4k assets being a standard rather than 1080p and upscale assets. The switch still being a last gen console not capable of 4k playback literally doesn't have the excuse others ha e for increasing the price yet they chose with their most popular exclusive title to increase the price and milk it for all its worth. Also Nintendo games literally never drop in proce unlike proces of games on other consoles and their sales on the estore are generally quite limited.

--Onilink--128d ago

Lol, its not a fact that its tied to graphics. Now more than ever its easy to get incredibly high fidelity assets done (just look at how many indie titles are coming up with ultra realistic trailers). There are libraries of assets that can be used, better engines.
Not to mention that almost every developer already creates most of their assets in high resolution and then scale them down accordingly.
Plus the fact that creating the high res assets is a job for the artist, completely irrelevant to all the development that is needed for the gameplay, which is what takes the vast majority of the time

What its tied to is that games are getting increasingly more complex, with bigger worlds and many interlocking systems, all of which require extensive pre-production, testing and development time.

For any time Nintendo could have saved in Tears of the Kingdom by having less detailed assets (or carried over from BotW), the amount of time required for all the new mechanics, systems, areas, etc is exponentially higher.

This is easily the most complex open world game I’ve seen in terms of just the sheer number of systems at play at all times

You think Nintendo wouldn’t have released this game before if they had the chance?

closed_account128d ago

You sound like some of my paranoid customers I used to have at Gamestop. I actually heard this one before, where customers were complaining about the Buy 2 Get 1 Free sales because it was motivating them to "buy more!"

Damned if you do and damned if you don't! 😂

I do not like $70 prices either, but this deal essentially gives you 2 games at $50 each, with 74 game options to choose from. Why not just be happy we even have the option at all? I rarely pay full price $60-70 for a game. $50 is a good compromise for a new release. (if you don't mind buying digital)

DeusFever128d ago

This, exactly. Paying more money for 3 games instead of one only lowers the price of the Zelda game in your mind. Your credit card statement will still show $100 instead of $70.

Knushwood Butt128d ago

Plus 10 for the higher difficulty level DLC.

The precedent has been set.

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FlameWater128d ago

Just don't buy it and wait for the price to drop, it's really that easy.

jznrpg128d ago

Nintendo and price drops don’t go together

Eidolon128d ago

Lol. Good with that, Nintendo rarely does sales on their big hitters and it's never that much. BotW is still $60 on their store and even used physical cartridge is $40 usually.

Smellsforfree128d ago

Nintendo has done a few sales of BoTW+DLC at $60 - but it has been a long time. This was shortly after DLC2 came out, iirc.

FinalFantasyFanatic128d ago

Nintendo has been getting stingier with their sales the past year or two, early on in the pandemic, they had some decent sales, now I rarely see any game in my wish list go on sale.

Outlawzz128d ago

love zelda but 70 is a no go for me, their gauging how much of the public is willing to pay more since other consoles transitioned. sadly, it seems its worked because the fans gobble up anything at any cost. the folks at nintendo are masters of milking the fans thats for sure. this "deal" is not in any way better either

TiredGamer128d ago

Nintendo is a business. Video games, in most cases, are a consumer good produced to make money. Zelda is a complex title that took tens of millions to produce (perhaps more) over 5 years. The value of the dollar has steadily dropped since every year. At some point, a price increase has to happen to keep up with the normal evolution of money inflation. They can either give you less for your money, find other ways to monetize (i.e. DLC), or bite the bullet and raise prices gradually. It’s happening. It needs to happen. It’s not unreasonable.

At the end of the day, you have a choice of what you will and won’t buy. Just consider all of the factors before you jump to conclusions.