EA Warns Players To Take Action As Battlefield 2042 Team Gets Harassed

EA has recently tweeted a statement targetting the toxic users that have been harassing the Battlefield 2042 development team recently.

Hofstaderman140d ago

Whooo a big megacorp is getting bullied. Poor them.

Roarke140d ago

Devs are getting bullied, not megacorp

senorfartcushion140d ago

Devs are a megacorp.

They’re all yes-men, which is how we get these terrible games made in the first place.

Literally the Battlefield devs left to form their own studio prior to 2042’s development, which is why it feels nothing like a BF game.

It’s up to the workers to push back against corrupt policy. This is an example of stupid kids being greedy, yes, but this outcome is what has happened to every failed live service game.

Tapani139d ago

Indeed. They are people with families and they hop on a bus, car or train everyday just like the most of us and go to work.

They sit at a desk, they have bosses, they report to them, they work as per they are asked to work, and they go home. Imagine doing your normal routines and having death threats or weirdos send you messages that are harrassment or just simply very evil and mean spirited on top of all the effort you put in. Every, single, day.

And then go home to your family and kids and be the good dad or mom and smile and be happy about your life. Not going to happen just like that, these things are real issues in societies and bullying and harrasment in the gaming community is extremely toxic. It has to stop.

Christopher139d ago

***They’re all yes-men, which is how we get these terrible games made in the first place.***

Sure, people need jobs to provide housing, food, and necessities for their families. Complaining about company policies is 100% one way to change things and not get yourself fired. Life is truly as simple as telling the people who cut your checks "no."

DarXyde139d ago


It's often a balancing act between personal beliefs and self-preservation. If you're an American, it's like being mistreated at work and wanting to go on strike but being unable to because you lose your health benefits while on strike (which places your family at risk). It's a very exploitative position.

Unfortunately, a similar situation is happening here. EA is massive, and I have zero doubt that they can absolutely ruin anyone's chances of getting another job in this industry. I'm sure they don't feel good about it, but you can diffuse public ire and pin it on EA. Self-preservation.

chaldo139d ago


What a stupid response. Get a job.

InUrFoxHole139d ago

You seem to have a backbone like no other sir!

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Bobertt140d ago

People still play Battlefield 2042?

Ninver140d ago

My thoughts exactly. They must like average games.


If Xbox players are ok with redfog others can be ok with 2042

thorstein139d ago

They were on track to doing things much better. They fixed tons of issues, revamped maps, then inexplicably, messed with the PS5 controls. It was a decent game. 7-7.5.

Guns felt "weighty" there was solid recoil (except for the M16). And then, 2 updates ago, every gun handled exactly the same and haptic feedback was gone. No recoil They haven't fixed that.

So I stopped playing a month ago.

Binarycode139d ago

What the problem with the game is.

When you fire with a SMG the distance you can in BF2042 and hit most shots it's comical.

Many of those shots you should need to be a sniper.

Heck I've even killed ppl with handguns from miles away.lol

BF4 was spot on for me gun wise.

Too much was changed.

All it needed was.

slightly bigger maps then BF4, 96 players would have been enough, underwater combat, subs, ships, more variable weather.and massive destruction.

Yet what we got was, 128player empty feeling maps, twisters, poor destruction, LCAA Hovercraft why? There's no water combat.There's no water in BF2042 tbh. It's dry and baren.

I hope they fked off all the team that made it and start again.

AnotherGamer139d ago

After the many fixes and updates, a new wave of players started to play the game. They even have more players than Halo Infinite now.

Binarycode139d ago

It's improved over when it was first released.

It's also free on PS+ Basic edition.

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XiNatsuDragnel140d ago

Dang I hope you can develop the ability to ignore toxic people and criticism.

northpaws140d ago

People getting harassed are nothing funny, especially those are just devs not decision makers, no matter the game is good or not, doesn't change the fact that people worked hard for it and their family incomes depend on it. We voted with our wallets, that's all the actions someone should take.