Sega Celebrates the 59th Birthday of One of Like a Dragon/Yakuza's Most Beloved Characters

One of the most beloved characters of the Like a Dragon series (previously called "Yakuza" in the West) is doubtlessly Goro Majima, and today it's his birthday.

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andy85199d ago

Definitely the best character in the series. It's a shame his role in 8 is gonna be tiny


PlayStation Plus is a secret paradise for RPG fans

From games that digitaltrends DeAngelo Epps has always wanted to play but missed out on, like Odin Sphere, to newer titles that he'd love to re-experience like Yakuza: Like a Dragon, there was enough there to justify diving back in. And those titles aren’t even a small percent of what’s available here. Vanillaware titles, Square Enix games, NIS franchises he’d never even heard of — there’s a whole lot to dig into.

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Eonjay3d ago

PSPlus is Amazing for RPGs and NIS America, Square Enix and Vanillaware games are perfect for PSPortal.

LG_Fox_Brazil3d ago

Not really a 'secret' but a paradise indeed, I just finished Soul Hackers 2, pretty good, and started Labyrinth of Galleria and I am having a blast. Tons of great RPGs in the PS4/PS5 family

Mr_cheese3d ago

Secret is the click buzzword. Can't have a title without bait these days.

OtterX3d ago

Perfect for playing on the Portal, since rpgs can be such timesinks. For those people who can't stay glued to the TV, it's good to give some freedom around the house, out on the porch or whatever. I haven't picked up a Portal yet, bc of life priorities, but I definitely anticipate picking one up asap and playing more rpgs!

ziggyzinfirion3d ago

I'm currently playing Final Fantasy VII:Remake for the first time on PS5 and I am freaking blown away by this game so far. I don't know why I waited this long or due to my huge backlog but had to be honest, this game exceeded my expectations.

OtterX2d ago

Yea, story pacing aside, the combat system is pretty killer, especially if you slow it down to play it more like a tactical turned based jrpg!

I actually wish FF16 had gone this route, instead of the DMC route. The FF7:R system gave enough action for those who wanted to play that way, while still appeasing us old school turn based jrpg fans.

Glad you're enjoying!

crazyCoconuts2d ago

Some of the best in game HDR I've ever seen in that game. I liked it a lot too. My first final fantasy game believe it or not

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Eleven great Japanese games under $15 to get on the Steam summer sale (2023)

Steam's annual Summer Sale is here again, and here's a couple of great deals for fans of Japanese games who aren't sure what to get!

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151d ago

Like A Dragon GOG Release Removes Series Creator From Credits

Like a Dragon's recently-released GOG ports have removed the names of several developers who no longer work on the series from the credits, including series creator Toshihiro Nagoshi and producer Daisuke Sato.

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