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Ghostwire: Tokyo is a first person action game set in Tokyo, with a main character and his spirit sidekick who fight demons and save souls.

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AuraAbjure137d ago

The article reads: "For the Xbox release, the game has a significant number of changes and additions including new enemies, new abilities, new upgrade paths, polished-up cinematics, photo mode improvements, a large new zone, and a slew of side missions. For those really into the game’s combat, there’s the Spider’s Thread Update, which introduces a 30-floor tower of non-stop combat."

This game looks frickin' cool, and I'm really happy to hear Xbox gave it some extra love!

SonyStyled136d ago

Not extra love. Other platforms received the same content

jznrpg136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

This game is more of a 6- 7. The content for the Xbox release is there for PS at same time so not sure why people are so confused about that.

The game looks good the city is really beautiful in some parts but the gameplay is where it struggles . Lots of fetch stuff.
The combat is mediocre at best and it really ruins what could be a good game instead of a mediocre game. Plus the story is kind of stupid.

VivaChe135d ago

Im playing it right now on GP and I'd say you're right on the money. I'm 10 hours in and it's ... alright. If I didn't have a new personal rule about finishing games I'd likely have bailed on it a few hours ago for something better.


Ghostwire: Tokyo's player count tops 6m

Six million players have "explored Ghostwire: Tokyo's spooky streets". That's according to developer Tango Gameworks, which recently took to X/Twitter to share the milestone with its community.

jznrpg9d ago

Didn’t finish it just wasn’t good enough to keep playing. Looks pretty though

CrimsonWing699d ago

I enjoyed it, but it’s kind of a one and done for me. Like if you 100% it and I mean getting all the spirits… ohhh loudy that was a task, then it’s kind of hard to be motivated to replay it.


Ghostwire: Tokyo's Atmosphere Is Absolutely Incredible

Ghostwire: Tokyo has atmosphere and mood in spades, with the empty version of Japan's capital capturing the imagination.

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oIMyersIo75d ago

Shame the gameplay is incredibly dull.

CDbiggen74d ago

Love how it's pretty much total agreement on that for a change.

jznrpg74d ago

The city was beautiful. The gameplay made it a mediocre game.

Abear2174d ago

An empty city, like Batman games, I just can’t.

ClayRules201274d ago

Yep, that’s a big issue for me here too. Also, my biggest gripe with the Batman games, the empty lifeless city.

banger8874d ago

I thought the game looked amazing, but I just couldn't get into it for some reason. I gave up fairly early on.

VivaChe74d ago

You didn’t miss anything. I stuck with it till I finished and, yup, mediocre to the end!


Humble Choice June 2023 lineup announced

The Humble Choice June 2023 lineup is here with eight games including Ghostwire: Tokyo and Remnant: From the Ashes.

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