Nintendo says no plans for Switch price cut, president on game prices

According to Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa, there are currently no plans for a Switch price cut.

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Tacoboto132d ago

You don't just release what might be your company's most significant game in its history and say "oh yeah, *now* we're planning on a price drop."

fr0sty132d ago

Translated: "Y'all keep buying it at this price, why would we cut it?"

Profchaos132d ago

Bingo they like their evergreen games you can't get a Nintendo game cheap unless it's devils third or a generation old

Agent75132d ago

£60 Switch games = more people buy used.

franwex132d ago

Are they though? It seems that they are buying digital instead.

CrimsonWing69132d ago


I googled it for you:


And here’s for Nintendo specifically:


Let me know if you need help looking up some more links. Here’s a few more just for sh*ts and giggles:


Why Digital Games Could Totally Dominate Physical Formats In Just a Few Years

sadraiden132d ago

lol have you seen the nintendo resale market? nothing ever goes down in price.

GoodGuy09132d ago

No reason to as it keeps selling. Tears of the kingdom will definitely sell it even more. I imagine they won't cut it until the successor comes out.

Kakashi Hatake132d ago

They're going to get the Switch off shelves once the new one arrives. Nintendo rarely keeps older consoles around.

132d ago
hiawa23132d ago

Why would they. Milk the Switch for as long as you can.