6 Classic Games That Deserve Remakes

BY FRANKLIN: When putting together a list of the best remakes and remasters for modern consoles, I started thinking about many of the classic games that also deserve remakes. Some more popular games been re-released on digital platforms or ported with no updates to the original game, but a direct port is not as satiating as a remake. These games deserve to be remade from the ground up, or at the very least have a graphical refresh.

These are 6 classic game remakes that we want to see in 2023.

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offtherecord143d ago

I'm lucky that the games I'd always hoped would be remade already have been

sadraiden143d ago

Nah. New games or gtfo. You want to play Super Mario RPG? Hop on archive and download it.

Rebel_Scum143d ago

Amen. Reboot if you must but enough of the remakes.

gold_drake143d ago

not sure i agree with that.

sone of the games definitely deserve a remake. you dont have to buy them if you prefer the original tho.

amazinglover143d ago

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic already has a remake coming, though it has had a rough development moving from Aspyr Media to a Saber Interactive studio it is still set to come to PS5 and PC.

FinalFantasyFanatic143d ago

I will gladly take remasters and ports of older games, would love a remake of Link to the Past in the same style as Link's Awakening, I'd also love a remake of Super Mario RPG.


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sertz80d ago

Think it is super interesting what these guys are doing now. Personally my fav is Zeschuk. Just doing his brewery thing :P


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coolbeans82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

Still remains an all-time classic. Canada does some good stuff every now and then. ;)


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