Nintendo Switch Successor May Release Not Too Long After Its Announcement

The Nintendo Switch's successor may not take a long time to release after its announcement, as the two years gap between the Switch's announcement and release was a special case, according to President Shuntaro Furukawa

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Inverno200d ago

Didn't they announce the switch late in the year, a presentation early the next, and months later release it? My guess is they'll probably announce it this year and release it mid way next year. Very curious what they'll do next, cause the switch was honestly the smartest choice for Ninty. They just havto step it up with features cause it seriously lacked basics.


The Witcher Interview with Sebastian Kalemba

LegaNerd interviews CD Projekt RED's Sebastian Kalemba at Milan Games Week 2023.

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'The Last of Us' creator revisits 'Part II' fan reactions

'The Last of Us' co-creator Neil Druckmann shares his experience revisiting the 'Part II' story with the upcoming remaster and how fans responded to the original's twists.


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With Cyberpunk 2077 having completed its redemption arc, CDPR senior writer Magda Zych speaks with GamingBolt about the game's journey and what the future might hold for the property.

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