PS5 #1 Console in the UK in April As Sales Drop 35%, Zelda OLED Boosts Switch

PS5 was the No.1 console of the month once again, followed by Nintendo Switch and then Xbox Series S and X.

PS5 sales fell 35% over March, but is up 15% compared with April last year. Meawhile, Xbox Series S and X sales are down 32% over March, but up 8% over the same period the year before.

However, the big winner of the month was the Nintendo Switch, which was up 26% over March and 30% up over April 2022. This was mostly due to the new Zelda edition of the console, which was released right at the end of the month (and two weeks before the game), but it still managed to account for 29% of all Switch consoles sold last month.

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Hofstaderman145d ago

The lull before FFXVI and Spider-Man. I know one person who is holding out for a spidey bundle.

Agent75144d ago

Zelda Switch with no game on card is crap.


Assassin's Creed Mirage - Hardcore Gamer

Hardcore Gamer Writes "Assassin's Creed has been going through many changes recently, but Assassin's Creed Mirage is the return to form that the series needs."

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Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition for PS5 will be on two discs and takes up over 100 GB

After the reveal of the release date of Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition on PS5, details are now arriving on the space it will occupy on the console. The complete adventures of Aloy require over 100 GB of free space and for this reason the physical edition includes two blu-ray discs.

darthv7258m ago

Hmm... I thought Sony was using UHD triple layer discs? Those are 100gb capacity.

Vits44m ago

I'm pretty sure that between the main game and Burning Shores, it goes past the 100GB capacity of the disc and then you have all the patches that I hope are also already baked into this version. So it makes sense for them to go with two discs.

Gardenia1m ago

How many floppy disks is that?

isarai30m ago

At least that ensures it's all actually on the disc

MetroidFREAK219m ago

The base game alone is like 97GB... with the DLC that's an extra 25-27GB... I will gladly take two discs vs a DLC slip


Forza Motorsport Review - IGN

Forza Motorsport is brimming with new features across the board, from its muscular new multiplayer to its much-improved handling, but its new RPG-inspired upgrade system feels like a step down.

Jin_Sakai5h ago(Edited 5h ago)

Currently an 84 Metacritic making it one of the lowest rated Forza Motorsports titles aside from FM5 and tied with the first entry.

Lol at all the Xbox centric sites slapping 90+ scores on it because well it’s Xbox.


solideagle4h ago

I don't know why but it made me laugh...

This is why Meta should have some sort of Algorithm where if majority is 8 then no one should be able to submit 2-4/10 or biased websites shouldn't be allowed etc. just my humble opinion

-Foxtrot4h ago

It had to happen eventually

They update the graphics and that’s all really

I could say the same about GT but it feels like we get a lot more Forza since you have the Horizon games aswell. These kind of games should be once per generation where they utilise the power of their consoles as much as they can.

However despite being a lower score it’s still getting the average 8, as in “we don’t want to p*** the wrong people off but we don’t want to give it a high review” score

peppeaccardo3h ago

But XBOXers will be playing this for years to come !!! .. ah no .. sorry wrong game :P

repsahj4m ago

I really really thought that it will surpass GT7 graphics because of how good forza horizons graphics are.

purple1015h ago

say hello to a $36 or £29.99 premium car pack ONTOP of your gamepaass too.


CappyBlack40m ago

Isn't Sony also very aware of that; being they have about a dozen coming down the pipeline? Being that they paid billions for a studio just to direct them how to monetize their releases to their benefit. I don't see Microsoft pumping out supposed Gaas title after Gass title; despite constantly hearing that's the case. I sure do know that Sony, out of their own mouths, made a public statement on just that being a confirmation.

Fonsecap4h ago

Yeah you can have games day one on gamepass but then they sell dlc on the side, it's a bit scummy move...

Profchaos5h ago

Sounds like there's overall less content then 7 but they tried to make the mechanics deeper by building rpg like systems. It's a interesting take but I find the reduction in tracks and cars a little disappointing especially Bathurst.

Workshyskiver5h ago

Its the GAAS approach that they are all looking at to help compensate with how long development cycles are now. Build a solid platform with less content than previous but add in over time to keep player engagement high.

Profchaos3h ago

It is concerning to see these games coming as part of your subscription but requiring add on packs over time and likely paid DLC which makes the base game a foundation but the real content will cost as Microsoft moves to make gaming more profitable it only makes sense they focus on smaller releases and pump paid DLC to a games fans

Terry_B5h ago

Another boring mainstream racing game that I might buy when the complete edition in 2 years is available for less than half of the initial price.

cthulhucultist5h ago

Its definitely a step down in regards to content in comparison to Forza's 7
500 cars and 20 tracks vs 700 cars and 32 locations .

In any case, if indeed 500 are unique cars like the article states, then that is certainly a positive because other games had many duplicate enhanced or racing editions that bolstered the numbers.

The number of cars and tracks per game has been varied for both GT and Forza however.

I recall back in the launch of xbox one where PS fanboys mocked Forza 5 for light content (only around 200 cars which was really bad at that time since it was rushed to meet launch date) and then few years later when GT Sport was launched, it was praised by them despite having less than 200 cars.

My point is that consumers should demand for a game to be released as a full package (car list, sufficient tracks, no main story components missing to be released as DLC, no bugs, no micro transactions for full priced game) and not be blinded by fanboyism that results in supporting such practices.

MS clearly went the GaaS route here as admitted by them after all


which means that they are going to monetize this as much as possible.

Remembers that Forza 7 came with microtransactions and was bashed because of it and were later removed.

GT Sport launched with no microtransactions and added them later with an update


Therefore both companies here are trying to find a model to maximize their profits to the detriment of the consumers.