New Star Citizen Video Shows Derelict Outposts Coming in Alpha 3.20 & New Ship Brand "Mirai"

Today Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games released a new video showing upcoming content for the growing space game.

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potatoseal136d ago

Is there anyone who has backed this game here? I would like to know how you feel about this game that seems to be forever in development with no signs of finshing anytime soon

Rocketisleague136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

Maybe go on YouTube and look up streamers and players? That's what I do the odd time just to see how it is going.
For example

This game will never be finished. Like many games(mmos, no mans sky, fortnite etc). It's good for the industry tech wise too as the things that currently exist in this game are cutting edge. Expect Epic games, sony, ms, to be trying to copy or purchase tech made from this game and it filtering into unreal engine and other ganes, just very far in the future.

The common thing on n4g is a load of ignorance about this game. As if it's some unplayable game or something. As it currently is, in its alpha form, it has more content and newer features and tech than 95% of the industry.

I don't even play it myself, just chose not to be ignorant. You have fingers and a keyboard seal, you can research yourself instead of sitting in a silo'd Sony community with an ignorant question no?

FGHFGHFGH128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

The people that are "backing" it now are people who buy the game and play it or buy ships to use in the game. I think they said they had 2 million players.



The space trading/combat sim “Star Citizen” has just released its 3.20 Alpha

"Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) today released the "Star Citizen – Alpha 3.20": Fully Loaded update, delivering a major overhaul of the in-game Arena Commander module and continuing to grow the content and feature sets in the open-world Persistent Universe (PU).

Two new ships take to the stars with today’s update and are now flyable; the MISC Hull C, the titan of the cargo hauling profession with room for a crew of up to four players, and the Mirai Fury LX, a racing variant of the recently added Mirai Fury snub fighter whose finely-tuned engines and compact form make it the perfect racing ship for adrenaline junkies." - Cloud Imperium Games.


Starfield vs Star Citizen - 5 key differences

Finlay writes: "Starfield v Star Citizen: Which is best? In this guide, we'll go through some of the key differences between the titles to help you decide."

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PapaBop25d ago

The only key difference, one is released properly and a complete full experience for the price of a game, the other requires a second mortgage to get everything.

SyntheticForm25d ago

-Tom Selleck has entered the chat-

rlow125d ago

Can’t agree more. One has lived up to its promise to launch a full game. While the other just continues milk people for money. Never launched it’s single player game and just keeps on building more ships.

PCgamer9825d ago

One is a game and the other one is a beautiful tech demo.

CKLJ2425d ago

I will never lose faith in Star Citizen lol (yes i am delusional)

anast25d ago

Star Citizen is massively better than Starfield. Starfield is a loading screen.

DrShoe24d ago

One is a real game... the other... a pyramid scheme.

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