Quantum Error getting a staggered gen release with PS5 version coming before PS4

The PS5 version is next gen. We are going all out as much as we can on PS5 within the confines of 60FPS. The ps4 version will be coming later down the road and it will be a down graded version. We are not sacrificing anything on PS5 for ps4.

jznrpg143d ago

Single player game so that’s a good start.

Games1st143d ago

Last gen means they are sacrificing something.

REDGUM143d ago

So you didn't read the article then?

Tacoboto143d ago

Yeah, I'm sure that this game is uncompromising and will sacrifice nothing, like Horizon: Burning Shores did for its PS4 version... And like how this is an article and not a tweet

sadraiden142d ago

Clearly you didn't either lmao

meanmallard142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

If you scroll down a bit someone asks about the xbox version, here is an interesting reply.

·May 9
Can’t say for sure just yet on Xbox, but what we have seen on the series X is that performance tends to be a bit lower by default and we will have to spend extra time to optimize for it.

sadraiden142d ago

So wait. The PS4 version will be coming down the road and it will be a downgraded version..... yet they said they aren't going to be sacrificing anything on PS5 for PS4. Huh?

Why would you need to sacrifice anything on PS5 to make a PS4 game? Also, if the game is a downgrade from the PS5 version, isn't that sacrificing at least 1 feature?

I'm a native English speaker and I'm having trouble parsing exactly what the TWEET meant.


Quantum Error’s Cancelled PS4 Port “Would Have Taken a Full Remodel,” Developer Says

GB: ""Once we were nearing the end of development we knew that there was no way of turning what we had built into a great game for the PS4," says TeamKill Media co-founder and owner Micah Jones."

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Ashunderfire8625d ago

Yea it would be Cyberpunk 2077 level of disappointment on PS4!


Quantum Error is in an “Unacceptable” State on Xbox Series S Due to its Weaker Hardware, Dev Says

"We will continue to work to see if we can improve things, but the current state of the game on the Series S is unacceptable," TeamKill Media co-founder and owner Micah Jones says.

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Sonyslave330d ago

So series s can run Starfield but not this game 😂

purple10129d ago

running sub 1080p (900p), potato shadows, potato textures, but yes

Eonjay29d ago

Isn't Microsoft Studios size and resources several orders or magnitude greater?

Nitrowolf229d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Is Starfield even a game to write home about? There's plenty of technical limitations

Don't get me wrong, I feel most are only talking about this game because of their comments on this, and they know it, which is why it keeps getting brought up. It's not like the gameplay they showed was anything mind blowing. Too many devs have already smoke about the S being an issue, but in this case, they're sort of just hoping for the attention

Ashunderfire8628d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Like those fugly faces🤣🤣 The one guy that is the center of attention, with all those leak photos of fugly looking characters, looks like that guy from that “Oh My!!!!!” Commercial! The way how he looks at you dead in your eyes!

KofiDaGamer29d ago

Well...you can also assume it's the reason starfield is compromised on consoles.

Profchaos29d ago

Starfeild got a decade's worth of development and was designed long before current gen consoles were even in the pipeline so it's safe to assume it started life as a last gen designed game.

This game is a Small budget indie title they don't have the liberty to dev for a decade to shoehorn the engine into a fully functional series s compatible game.

S2Killinit29d ago

Hahaha series S is a real bummer for MS. They sure got themselves into a pickle.

fr0sty28d ago

They're really good at that.

purple10126d ago

Would you like some cheese for that pickle your in ;)

S2Killinit26d ago

How do you spell charcuterie?

jwillj2k429d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Oh you mean that point and click “choose your own adventure as long as your choice matches where we want you to go” 3D planet clip art game?

Games1st29d ago

The goal is 60fps Starfield is 30

randomvoice29d ago

Yeah not every studio has the resources to throw for a weak ass hardware on a console that sells a fraction of its competition

Sonic188129d ago

Quantum Error uses Unreal Engine 5. Starfield uses an old Engine that's over 20 years old

lucian22928d ago

Starfield looks like butt, so I wouldn't use that as a benchmark lol

Rimeskeem28d ago

While Starfield does boast a large playable area, it really isn't the best-looking game. The game also recommends a 2080 on Steam and runs at 30fps on Xbox Series.

Also, the use the word "unacceptable" as a subjective descriptor. Maybe think 30fps is unacceptable?

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lelo2play30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

The only way these developers get publicity and gather some "interest" in their game is by bashing the Xbox in some form or another. They have done it the past... and now they doing it again.

... and all this for a game that was supposed to be released on the PS4. * Facepalm *