The Road to a Universal Platform

Videogames might just be on their way to a single universal platform, just as music and movies can be played on a variety of manufacturers' players. But what would it take for the industry to reach that point? Eric-Jon Rössel Waugh envisions a "videogame standards commission." More within...

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JustCallMeDaddy4847d ago

Comparing music to movies is like comparing video games to movies, they can already be played in the same platform. In order for two or more different formats of video games to become playable in the same platform, two(or more) video games businesses would have to become partners, and I DON"T THINK that Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are ever going to be partners. Having that said, there is a really small possibility of them becoming partners, so it will unlikely happen.

Bad_Karma4847d ago

Did`nt they try this back in the 80`s with the MSX ? . As i recall it wasnt much of a success . Personally i would hate to see a universal platform come along and take away the competition of who can produce the biggest and best . It would be like being told that all food will now have the same taste ...HOW BORING WOULD THAT BE ?

deathtok4847d ago

It would be extremely beneficial financially to all system manufacturers, developers and publishers alike if their was one uniform platform. Sure the current way promotes diversity, different experiences, etc but imagine this: A console with the capability of XBox Live, a controller that can both rumble and have sixaxis-capability, compatible with a remote like device from the Wii, HDMI output, a Blu-Ray player, and no picking-and-choosing based on exclusives.

Then again world peace * could * happen too.

BIadestarX4847d ago

I don't think this will ever happen. I'm sure microsoft will be more than willing to do this since they are mostly a software company and can make money (and already are) making development tools (XNA, Visual Studio, DirectX, etc), services(xbox live, live Anywhere), 1st party games, etc, Sony may buy into it if blu-ray becomes the standard and can charge royalties for it's propietary format. But I don't see how Nintendo which is known to profit from hardware from day 1 would want something like this. deathtok couldn't use better words to explain how possible this is by saying, "Then again world peace * could * happen too.".

Captain Tuttle4847d ago (Edited 4847d ago )

It works with PC's, doesn't it? There's more diversity of gameplay in the PC world than there is in the console world. Whether the big 3 ever get there is another thing.

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