Lost Words: Beyond the Page is out now on Mobile

PID Games’ new adventure narrative Lost Words: Beyond The Page is now live. Having been long in pre-registration, the game was the most anticipated among players from around the world. This has now been globally out and is available on both Android and iOS.

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Best Android Games of the Month

Another slew of games have dropped on Android, so it's time to determine which are the best of the month for June 2023.

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Lost Words: Beyond the Page Android Review - Hardcore Droid

Lost Words: Beyond the Page is a fantastic story-driven platformer with great art, writing and music, though the Android port is slightly let down by a few bugs.

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Top 10 PlayStation Plus Premium Hidden Gems

There are many PlayStation Plus Premium hidden gems waiting to be found, including the gratifying Gravity Rush 2 and the intriguing Telling Lies.

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shinoff2183460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

Not to bad.

whitbyfox460d ago

Gravity Rush 1 and 2 are amazing can you believe the guy who created Silent Hill created these.

PixelOmen460d ago

Gravity Rush 2 is probably the most underrated game on PS4.

DarXyde459d ago

Agreed. And it was definitely top 5 on the platform for me. Genuinely loved how charming the series is/was.I loved it so much that I Platinumed it twice (Gravity Rush 2 and its Japanese variant, Gravity Daze 2).
Such a lovely series. I say this once every 3 or so months, but Sony committed the gravest sin in my eyes by dismantling my favorite Sony studio, Japan Studio and I really had a hard time forgiving that.

460d ago
BlaqMagiq1459d ago

Absolute classics, both Gravity Rush 1 & 2.