I miss the golden age of oddball PlayStation exclusives

Between closing PixelOpus and its refocus on live-service titles, PlayStation is losing the eccentric spirit that helped establish the brand.

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TheColbertinator136d ago

Sony is creatively bankrupt. You'll have more success making lemonade with turnips than see Sony cultivate unique ideas again like in the PS1 era

blackblades136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

Returnal says hey, it's just a creative AAA roguelite which is a indie genre. Anyway apparently the creative part isnt working $ wise no matter if its fun or not. They better off getting 3rd party doing it like they been doing like that food bug game people made fun of. Of course shue is all over that indie scene.

shammgod135d ago

Returnal will soon be an open world game with a skill tree and 1000 places of interest on the map just like all games.

jznrpg136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

Like MS is creative. The only reason they have Hi FinRush is because they bought a publisher. New AstroBot game is in the works right now. If games don’t sell very well they won’t make more of that game. They not make as many small games but they will still make some neat stuff. Call of the Mountain is “creative” game .

goldwyncq136d ago

Out of the big three today, only Nintendo can be considered creative. Sony’s biggest games (with the exception of Gran Turismo) are all third person cinematic action adventures with a dark and mature narrative and Microsoft really loves their shooters.

BehindTheRows136d ago


Man, never knew Spider-Man (Sony's BIGGEST game) was a third person action adventure with a dark and mature narrative. Hell, Horizon isn't either, but of course, when one knows little of what they're talking about, it's "all they have is.....".

"Microsoft really loves their shooters". Also spoken like someone truly clueless. All you got out of Xbox was shooters?

Nintendo relies on the same franchises gen after gen (with new IPs sprinkled in here and there — far behind PlayStation in this regard). What exactly are they doing that's so different from gens prior (outside of sticking a handheld and home console on the same device)?

rlow1135d ago

How original you are. Bringing Xbox into an article about PlayStation

goldwyncq136d ago

Tearaway is an underrated masterpiece.

PixelKnot135d ago

Shame not many people played it, because it was easily the best first party game on the Vita for me. It was also a rare game that actually made creative and fun use of the backpad.

lellkay136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

I don't really miss many of these personally. I played Tearaway and thought Concrete Genie was ok, but ultimately they were kind of luke warm. Same goes for the last few Japan Studios games.

I'm more than fine with the current landscape of Sony's first party, for the most part the games are very well made and offer me experiances that routinely rate among some of the best i have had each year.

I say this, however I am very very skeptical of any live service stuff they are persuing.

locomorales136d ago

Current Sony games sell more, but are less creative. I think about them like Marvel movies: high production values, high sales but boring movies.
To much a product and too little art. Creativity can be found only on indies today, but they don't have resources to make AAA.

goldwyncq136d ago

True. With a few exceptions like Kojima's games, AAA games nowadays are more product than art.

BehindTheRows136d ago

Tell us, what’s MORE creative? What is missing? To post these blanket statements you surely have an answer to their “lack of creativity”.

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TheCaptainKuchiki136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

Y'all will say that and then refuse to buy the creative games they put out.
Remember how Dreams flopped?
Y'all complain that Japan Studio is dead but refused to play their games (apart from Demon's Souls)
No company can survive with flop games.
What is the point of making games that only 2% people are gonna play?
As a company, the first thing you need to decide is your target demographic.
Very few companies in the world target every demographics of a market (maybe Samsung, they can make very cheap products and also very premium products). That's too costly and less efficient than just 1 or 2 different target demographics.

Snookies12136d ago

Wonderfully said, that's why I try and go out of my way to grab some of the more niche titles that look promising. Give some support to the developers for more creative ideas. So many amazing series we could still have today if people had supported them more. Definitely grabbing Armored Core for that very reason. I just personally hope FromSoftware realizes that they could utilize Tenchu in the same way.

TheCaptainKuchiki136d ago

Same for me, I support every space game because even though they used to be very common in the 90s and 2000s, they're now a rarity.
If no one buys them, no one will make them.

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