A Plague Tale: Requiem Brings 60 FPS Performance Mode On Consoles, New Graphics Options On PC

A new A Plague Tale: Requiem update is now live on PC and consoles, introducing a 60 FPS performance mode and new graphics options.

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Gamerscore2077201d ago

Better late, than never I guess.

andy85201d ago

This is impressive to be honest. Even very powerful PCs were struggling with this. I'd be interested to see what sacrifices it has. Probably resolution? I played it at 40 and it was fun, probably in the top 2 best looking games I've played. I bet it's a great experience at 60


Glad I waited. Will never support a game that doesn't have a performance mode.

CS7201d ago

I really wish I could understand the science behind how much I don’t care about performance mode.

60 to 30 makes no difference to me after two minutes of playing.

So strange to see that its a literal dealbreaker for most.

andy85201d ago

Your eyes do adapt a little but you never fully get rid of the feeling of the camera moving like sludge when panning the camera. At least I don't anyway. As a console player I was on 30 all the time but since the I got my PS5 I've played one game below 60 which was this game at 40. I tried it at 30 for a few hours (was lucky enough my 120hz TV was delivered the day after) and I really wasn't enjoying myself like I should be

JEECE201d ago

The feel and responsiveness of gameplay makes no difference to you?

Knushwood Butt201d ago

The big shock is going from 60 to 30.

I recently went from Far Cry 5 at 60fps, to Far Cry New Dawn at 30fps, and no joke, when first playing New Dawn it felt like the game was totally broken. I did get used to it after about 10 mins, but at first it's a night and day difference.

mkis007201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

I mean you literally see less per second. On average someone playing at a higher fps would perform better in an fps.

Personally playing jedi fallen order and now survivor at 60fps is way easier on harder difficulties. You need to block and dodge at a moments notice, having those extra frames is a built in handicap.

CobraKai201d ago

Same here. It all becomes the same to me. As long as 30 fps is, for the most part, stable, I’m good.

Babadook7200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

“I really wish I could understand the science behind how much I don’t care about performance mode.”

Motion smoothing on your TV perhaps? I would always disable it even if it shows more judder. But it will make 30 fps look mostly smooth.

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philm87201d ago

Just depends on the type of game for me. Can quite happily play this type of game at 30FPS.

Obscure_Observer201d ago

It´s time to revisit Amicia and Hugo.

jznrpg201d ago

I still haven’t played this yet . Sounds like a good time now maybe this summer

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Can Steam Deck handle a range of PC's most challenging games?

A Plague Tale: Requiem, Gotham Knights, The Witcher 3 Next-Gen and more tested.

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crazyCoconuts311d ago

Results are kinda what I would expect. Some good some bad, especially on unoptimized or CPU heavy games

Number1TailzFan311d ago

Indeed, if you want pure performance you'd get a decent PC for that. The Deck looks decent for low to kinda moderately demanding games though.

Army_of_Darkness310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

I don't know about yall, but this is the best and most capable handheld that I've ever seen! It's playing AAA quality games on the go people! That's incredibly awesome! Who ever expected a handheld to perform as well as a current console or pc is delusional! Seriously. I want one, just can't justify the purchase at the moment.