Some Concerns Regarding Tekken 8’s Very Aggressive New Mechanics

Tekken 8 adds several new mechanics with its Heat System, simplifying the Rage Arts and even adding a Recoverable Gauge. With these new mechanics, the game is pushing towards more aggressive gameplay, but we have some concerns about that.

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PhillyDillyDee137d ago

Simple solution: allow players to disable these systems if they so choose. Tekken hasnt been great with enabling these kinds of options tho.

Deathdeliverer137d ago

These guys been making fighting games forever. Everyone felt the same way about rage art and drive in tekken 7. It’ll be fine.

masterfox137d ago

huh? aggressive ? nonsense!, my only concern is why this game is releasing until 2024 and not this year, they display all this awesome character teasers makes you think the game will release soon , but is not :(

merlox137d ago

Bandai Namco should bring back Ridge Racer. If not at least remaster them.

FinalFantasyFanatic136d ago

A Ridge Racer collection! I really love the Ridge Racer games, so it's very sad that we didn't get anything after RR7, no RR game for PS4 either.

FinalFantasyFanatic136d ago

I'm not a fan of adding a bucket load of mechanics to modern fighting games, not only that, but it also makes it a larger barrier to entry when fighting games already had a big barrier to begin with.


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atsugiT21d 16h ago

That ghost battle looks like a game changer


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