Activision hires Queen Elizabeth II's former lawyer to lead appeal over Xbox merger

Pannick is known for his handling of extremely high-profile cases. In a career spanning more than 40 years, he has represented Manchester City FC, the UK government, and Queen Elizabeth II.

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darkrider147d ago

They can hired all the lawyers they want. The moment Microsoft threatened UK it was done.

Jin_Sakai147d ago

Poor Bobby Kotick, he’s in panic mode right now.

Eonjay147d ago

*But but what about my billions! If you don't approve my personal golden parachute this country is closed for business and no one will want to ever do business here again! I will unleash an army of fanboys on you! My billions!*

OptimusDK147d ago

The decision made no sense and you all know it. I get the bias and the wish to keep Sony in first place, but the argument of cloud gaming as the reason made no sense.

sci4me147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

You are so blind. You cant even se why the majority of ppl here are against it.. "i get the bias and the wish to keep Sony in first place". Again you are so wrong...
But again, perhaps you are not?. 🤣🤣.. If its the only way to prevent Xbox to remove so many games from other players so be it.. Hail Sony!.... Let there be only ONE!!! /s

Asplundh146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Yup. The people here agreeing with the reason behind the block, are the very same that have been mocking the "cloud" and Microsofts investment in it for about a decade now.

Zeref147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

You think the UK alone is gonna stop this deal? Lol, if the EU Approves. They will close the deal and work around the UK.

If the UK doesn't change their decision.
Best case scenario, they let someone else publish Activision Blizzard games in the UK.
Or publish them with a different name under Xbox Game Studios.

Worst case scenario they pull Activision Blizzard games out of the UK.
UK Gamers would have to find other ways to play CoD like in any other country where Activision Blizzard doesn't officially operate.

It wouldn't be the first tech company to pull out of the UK due to their shitty attitude towards businesses.

The UK is not that big of a deal. There's only 90 million people there. They can afford to pull out if it comes down to it.

The EU has 600 million people and US & Canada 400 million. There are way bigger and more important markets than the UK.

The only one who can stop this deal completely is the EU. They are gonna wipe the floor with the FTC in court.

But if the EU blocks it, I don't think they're gonna want to fight them. Because unlike the CMA. If the EU blocks it they will probably have way better arguments.

Hofstaderman147d ago

EU verdict is around the 22nd. Let’s see shall we?

Mr_cheese147d ago

At this point Zeref, you're just being insulting.
One decision doesn't go the way of the workds biggest tech company and all of a sudden the UK isn't a great place for business and "90m" are irrelevant. Grow up, it's a box.

Profchaos147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

That would mean shutting down all Microsoft data centres in the UK that runs Azure and it would basically cripple a large portion of businesses. Not to mention the staggering loss Microsoft would run

TheCaptainKuchiki147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Your problem is that you believe that the odds are in their favor in the EU.
Lmao, that's not the case.
Therefore, your entire reasoning will be flawed.

JunonZanon146d ago

UK 90m people? Did I just miss almost a 40% increase in population?

Zeref146d ago (Edited 146d ago )


Dude can you at least read?

I specifically said Activision Blizzard could pull out. Not Microsoft. Not Xbox.

Jesus Christ

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TheCaptainKuchiki147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Never underestimate national pride.
As american companies, they should know that very well

gold_drake146d ago

it was an absolutely wild thing to do. like MS is our saviour or some shit

1Victor146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Yep in that article snippet you can tell he represented gubernamental institutions and the risk of loosing those are rarer than a Juan on a KKK convention

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GoodGuy09147d ago

Maybe hire Nintendo's lawyers, they'd definitely get the job done lol 😂.

darthv72147d ago

They can hire Perry Mason for all i care... they will not change the CMA mind. Appeals dont work on the CMA.

--Onilink--147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

While historically the majority of rulings from the CAT (a completely separate entity mind you, they dont need to convince the CMA of anything for the appeal), favor the CMA, its not exactly like its unheard of or barely happens.

So while its really anyone’s guess how its going to play out (just as the block happened for the reason no one seemed to cared about haha), I guess its relevant to know that Microsoft isn’t appealing to the CMA, but rather a wholly different entity and there is precedent (couldn’t tell you exact numbers) for them ruling against the CMA

Hofstaderman147d ago

CAT can’t dictate anything to CMA. They can merely recommend that he CMA reassess from a different angle. Please read up and do your homework before you post.

--Onilink--146d ago


Can you please point out where exactly I said the CAT can force the CMA to something?
And thats putting aside that technically it can, if the CMA for example fines a company and loses the appeal to the CAT, its not like they can just proceed with the fine.
Same thing here, if they were to lose the appeal, its not exactly a suggestion that they did something wrong and the block can just continue like normal (it doesnt mean its automatically approved either).
Yes, the CMA will have to go back and if they still want to block it, see if the grounds on which they blocked it need to be changed based on the CAT ruling.

All of which is completely irrelevant to anything I said in my comment to darth which was about who the appeal is actually going to, and whether the CMA has lost appeals in the past or not.

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FallenAngel1984147d ago

The extent Microsoft will go with their money to do everything except consistently provide its audience quality games with the studios they already own

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FallenAngel1984147d ago

This is all happening BECAUSE Microsoft would rather make this big acquisition rather than just making their own games

onisama147d ago

True like silent hill stellar blade street fighter v final fantasy remake final fantasy 16 next metal gear and castlevania

TreMillz146d ago


Stellar Blade = Devs agreed to let Sony publish for funding

SF5 = Sony funded development

FF7R = Microsoft ruined it's relationship with SE, try fixing it

MGS and Castlevania = Pure rumors and if true, likely timed.

Now do you want me to give down Microsoft list? You'll be here for some time

FlintGREY146d ago


Just list the entire 360 generation lol