Japanese Perspective On Console War In America

This week's Weekly Toyo Keizai, one of the major business magazine in Japan, is reporting the confrontation between PS3 and Xbox 360 in North America. While there is nothing new in this article, it's quite interesting that Japanese businessmen and investors (who are supposed to be non gamers and have never known about the foreign console which has less presence in Japan) are reading this report, because Japanese business magazines often ignore about 360.

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THAMMER15702d ago

Cool read. Not as insightful as I hoped but it is a good read. And yeah we all know a price drop is coming soon. I wonder why it seems the PS3 just can not get a break. Hmm. any suggestions?

True Gamer5702d ago

Sony claims that the reason the PS3 is attacked often is because they have been the console leaders for to long.

But I think its because people love hating on at least one console to offset their insecurities and the PS3 is an easy target right now.

Why do you have 4 bubbles man? You deserve at least 5.

THAMMER15702d ago

I am too curt. I personally think people just want to attack my acc. and try to disaccredit me. People hate the truth. But oh well I'm still happy. How about the haters. lol

GaMr-5702d ago

He has four for the same reason I have four. Fanboys that thing the reporting system is designed for their fanboyish needs. I get reported but if you check my track record im usually on topic and making a good point.

(back on topic)

Yea Sony's pompous attitude and constant over hyping makes them an easy target. I love Sony as much as the next guy but sometimes I wish they would just STFU and let the Hardware do some of the talking. Ken K.'s mouth wrote some Big Checks now its on the "fresh out the womb" PS3 to cash them up against the well seasoned Xbox360. Thats where most of Sony's negative tension is really coming from. Its like hyping the hell out of a fight with a 2 year old then sending your under equipped newborn to fight the battle you hyped. We already know whats going to happen. If sony had just stayed shut Microsofts aggression would only be turned against them and everyone would wonder. If they system is inferior why are you so hellbent on proving it. Instead the can bash and flame the mess out of Sony with justification because Sony claimed there consoles debut would deliver a knock out punch to the 360 to wich it would never recovered. Im a sony fan but sad to say they didnt even scratch 360's armor. But its still very early. This battle would of been so much easier without the hype I kid you not. I still think it was a Blu-Ray push though. Thats what the hype was all about. Cause thats the only thing that really works 100% solid. Tons of blu-ray movies and they all work excellent in 1080P. Thats what the whole "True HD" rant was about. But dont get me wrong. Sony needs to let the hype die down and start delivering those blows that made the PS2 what it is today and in my opinion as well as alot of others. "They will be just fine".

HokieFan5702d ago

You're probably right, Sony's destroying their own image with a lot of the hype they're putting out. I'm sure that's where most of the backlash comes from.

At the same time, without the hype they can't compete with the 360 right now. I'm sure people will label me a fanboy for that comment and take my bubbles away, but I really think it's true. If you just want a great video game system, the 360 has more games, equal graphics, and a lower price tag. Before everyone starts yelling at me, I'm not saying that the PS3 isn't great as just doesn't compete as a video game system RIGHT NOW.

Sony's hype got people excited about the ability to play high def movies, which is where the PS3 shines. Without that Blu-ray player and the hype from Sony, the PS3 would be dead and buried already. Of course, without the Blu-ray player, they would have released it a year ago along side the 360 and probably taken over the world already.

Anyway, I'm rambling...but my main point is that while Sony's hype is causing some backlash right now, it's probably needed if they want to dominate the video game market again this generation.

tomfoolery5702d ago (Edited 5702d ago )

I've seen so many of my friends abandon the ps3 for the 360.
Biggest gripe was the 600+price tag,which didn't really bother me.
2nd thing I heard, was they just thought the 360s game line up was better.........considering none of them owned the first xbox.....3rdly and lastly,they thought bluray was being forced upon them, not knowing which format (hddvd / bluray) might lose,..or if they would even take off!
This is just what I've gathered from 30 or so of my buddies.
What's really funny, is a lot of them dislike B.Gates!(probably jealous).

True Gamer5702d ago

people say that their friends are leaving the PS3 for the xbox 360, yet the xbox 360 sales are not showing that...I wonder why?

HokieFan5702d ago

The price tag of the PS3 was just the straw that broke the camel's back for me. My main reason for purchasing a 360 was that the PS3 just wasn't available. My PS2 was broken, and all of my friends were getting 360's...I just wanted to play games! At the time, I didn't have an HDTV, so I didn't care that the PS3 was going to play Blu-ray movies. Then, Sony dropped the $600 bombshell and that finally pushed me to buy a 360.

Black Republican5702d ago

4.1 - I've heard so many
people say that their friends are leaving the PS3 for the xbox 360, yet the xbox 360 sales are not showing that...I wonder why?

well ps3 isnt showing anything, nintendo and 360 has proven alot more then ps3 has. all ps has shown is a big mouth, ps is talking alot of crap like women.

tomfoolery5702d ago (Edited 5702d ago )

that exact story from one of my friends HokieFan....
so there it is folks and sonyfans....THE TRUTH!!

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