10 of the best single player games you can play on a PS5 right now

The best PS5 single player games have incredible cinematic storytelling, impressive combat, or in Astro's case, charming platforming.

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shinoff2183141d ago

Some pretty dope indies could've made this list to.

gold_drake141d ago

the messenger is rly good ha.

repsahj141d ago

Awesome list! I agree 100%.

rippermcrip141d ago

Returnal honorable mention reason is dumb. It is a single player game with optional coop. Just like Elden Ring which is in the list.

VersusDMC141d ago

Coop wasn't even available till after a year after launch...by that reasoning ghost of tsushima(legends) wouldn't count?

jznrpg141d ago

Returnal is so fun solo I won’t ever try the co-op. It would be too easy imo

Abear21141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

Ratchet and Clank and Horizon are my picks. Miles and GoW are gathering virtual dust on the SSD. Good games just not as addicting as those imo. Returnal is best if you’re into that challenge.

DivineHand125141d ago

No uncharted :( I had a blast playing the legacy of thieves collection at 120 fps.


Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition Set for October 6 Release in Japan

The Complete Edition of the critically acclaimed Horizon Forbidden West is slated for an October 6 release at Japanese retailer Neowing. The package includes the base game, DLC, and exclusive digital bonuses.

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Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition is coming to PS5 and PC

Explore distant lands and brave new threats in the Forbidden West and the ruins of Los Angeles in the complete collection.

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PrinceOfAnger1d 7h ago

All the Nvidia leaks was Real.

RaidenBlack1d 6h ago (Edited 1d 6h ago )

Jensen's prophecy ✓
Burning Shores came out just few months ago ...

Workshyskiver1d 6h ago

Glad to see Nixxies are in charge of the port to PC. Will be solid.

Tapani1d 6h ago (Edited 1d 6h ago )

Ratchet & Clank port was and still is a microstutter fest and has plenty of bugs. On my high end PC it cannot hold any Vsynced FPS.

Learned my lesson both with Spiderman and R&C and will give this around 4-5 months before buying on PC. Same rule applies to Sony PC releases: give it 5-6 months minimum, and if you can wait longer, buy it at 20%-30% discount. These ports do not deserve a full price. Nixxes is overrated.

Binarycode1d 1h ago

No doubt there are performance issues here and there, dependent on different hardware.

I personally think Ratchet and Clank was rushed out for PC.

I never had issues with any Spiderman on PC. solid asf.

I think Nixes learnt there lesson with R&C.

Angyobangyo17h ago

Sony bros out in force downvoting for simply stating facts.

DarXyde1d 5h ago

Yeah, but it really makes you wonder why they let Naughty Dog outsource The Last of Us. Such a weird move. That absolutely should've been Nixxes' duty.

mandf1d 5h ago

Because nixes was already working on another port. This one

DarXyde7h ago


The problem therein is that Horizon is great, but has nowhere near the acclaim of The Last of Us. It was odd prioritization on Sony's part. Forbidden West is a fairly recent game too. I think they could have waited on that one in favor of porting The Last of Us properly.

But that's just me.

GoodGuy0922h ago(Edited 22h ago)

Zero Dawn was also filled with issues at launch and by the same dev. I'd recommend waiting it out for those planning to buy unless you don't mind bad optimizations. We can hope Nixxes has gotten better though I suppose.