"Tchia" has now been enjoyed by more than 1 million players since its release

"Developer Awaceb and publisher Kepler Interactive today announced that the stunning open-world island adventure "Tchia" has soul-jumped its way into the hearts and minds of more than 1 million players six weeks after its launch to critical acclaim on PlayStation consoles and PC." - Kepler Interactive and Awaceb.

zsquaresoff143d ago

Thats great news. Such a nice chilled game.

TGG_overlord143d ago

It was one million players, not sales, but it's very good news nevertheless.

IamTylerDurden1143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

Good for the first game from a tiny studio. However, the player count theme for games on services makes it hard to quantify success. I'm sure millions have played Redfall, is it a success? Remember when sales equaled success? I honestly enjoyed the old era from NES to PS4 more in terms of how the industry and fandom functioned.

I despise the spin, social media dickheads who garner attention, political battles, industry consolidation, mainstream masses, dumb opinions, watered down design, trend chasers, mtx, fidelity war of this era.

The games are overall good for the most part nowadays despite lack of true innovation with AI, combat, design but everything surrounding that is shit. More information today and exponentially more disinformation. Every fool has an agenda or passionately weak ass opinion. It's a clutter of nonsense and everyone feels validated bc they can use Google but that doesn't mean they actually know jack.

It's the attention era. Attention equals success more than merit. The PR era. I hate it. Rather go back to Game Pro or early PS3 were the truly passionate were the ones on message boards and E3 was a fan expo.

blackblades143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

It never went away with ps ecosystem but yeah I'm not fond of the number of players played. Its misleading cause im one person with multiple accounts then there's the ones that'll play for a few minutes. Stats of how many people actually beat a game or at least over 80% is where the numbers really shines and step forward. Of course its still as nothing on games sold.

-Mika-143d ago

Fix the title. This game did not sell 1 million copies. It has been played by more than 1 million players since its launch. There is a difference. You have to remember the game launched for free on PSplus's essistial tier.

shinoff2183143d ago

Your absolutely right. Funny though cause you guys normally will argue this to death. It's about downloads downloads I tell ya

TGG_overlord143d ago

1 million downlads, not sales, so, yeah...Pretty much...This one was on me.

IamTylerDurden1143d ago

For day 1 games on a service. Not for most AAA though. Redfall probably has more DLs than Tchia, is it more successful?

TGG_overlord143d ago

I saw it, so it's been fixed, and that's right (my bad..)

Knushwood Butt143d ago

PS Plus is not free.

I thought this came out on the Extra tier, not Essentials.

EvertonFC143d ago

Wasn`t it ps plus extra ? but i get your point. 140 plus million ps4/5 consoles, add to that steam sales and I would have expected a bigger player count tbh.
Just goes to show a big percentage of gamers don`t play indie titles imo.

blackblades143d ago

Right, but you can say the same for AAA. 140 plus million ps4/ps5 and AAA games cant reach 40mil. The services could help some indies. For me indies do be more fun then some bigger games. The look of a indie could be a breaking point but the gameplay can be fun. I always take notice of side scrolling/above camera rpg beatem up and hack n slash.

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EvertonFC143d ago

Expected more tbh, its on PS plus extra as part of the sub, add to that steam sales etc. Great little game and very relaxing with fantastic colours.

CantThinkOfAUsername142d ago

It's Epic timed-exclusive so the majority of this came from PlayStation (Plus Extra).

Weallgame142d ago

How fps or pacing is so horrible on ps5 i cant play it or enjoy it

P_Bomb142d ago

What’s the frames per second at? Haven’t tried this one yet.


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