Is The Battle Royale Genre At Death's Door?

Battle royale games may not be the topic of conversation anymore but the genre's impact on gaming can be felt to this day.

SinisterMister141d ago

Battle royale games are super relevant, but could use a new, Fortnite-like competitor.

shinoff2183140d ago

That'd be dope but there's still some out there doing well the obvious one being fortnite. The genre isn't going anywhere soon

Deathdeliverer140d ago

Battle Royale as a genre may be “die” but Fortnite might be freaking eternal.

Godmars290140d ago

Its been dead but its most noticeable games will linger on for quite a while yet.

YourMommySpoils140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Boring as F@k. Tried them, never liked one of them.

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