Resident Evil's Spencer Mansion Looks Breathtaking In New Unreal Engine 5 Recreation

A great-looking recreation of Resident Evil's Spencer Mansion powered by Unreal Engine 5 makes us want an official modern remake even more.

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Resident Evil Franchise Achieves A New Milestone, Sells 146 Million Units Worldwide

The iconic survival horror franchise, Resident Evil, has hit a new milestone, as Capcom announces a total of 146 million units sold.

GaboonViper61d ago

My all time favourite gaming franchise, well done Capcom and so well deserved, i hope up next we finally get a Code Veronica remake.

P_Bomb61d ago

That’s a lotta lock picks! We did our part.

CrimsonWing6960d ago

One of the greatest series of all time!

MadLad60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

I love Resident Evil. That said, they have, like, a thousand Resident Evil games on the market at this point. Good numbers, but not insane numbers.

FalcorMononoke60d ago

Nice! I remember playing the first RE back on Saturn in 96 or 97. Loved it but never thought it would be a series I'd still be playing in 2023. Now if we can just get Mega Man a bit more love Capcom, we'd be doing extra well.

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How The Legend of Zelda Franchise Could Benefit From Resident Evil's Model

Capcom's success with the Resident Evil franchise and its release model should influence Nintendo's approach toward The Legend of Zelda.

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How a Chris-Led Resident Evil 9 Could Still Stay Grounded in Horror

Resident Evil 9 is surely in development, and if it stars Chris Redfield it will need to be careful not to tread back into heavy action territory.

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-Foxtrot91d ago

I wouldn’t want Chris

He might have been the lead but we just saw him in RE7, the DLC and Village

Jill should return, Barry or even Ashley after her great performance in the RE4 remake.

RaveTears91d ago

I want Chris punching giant boulder again.

goldwyncq90d ago

Like it or not, he's the closest thing the series has to a mascot, appearing in more games than every other protagonist.

Shalnark91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

This franchise have identity crisis and it doesn't know what it wants to be , they were consistent in the first 5 games talking about the RE lore and characters then they completely dropped the ball after RE6 and the recent normie bait shitshow games with Ethan and the hallucination nonsense , this company needs to understand what made this franchise great in the first place , not just cashing on half-assed remakes .. also please give Chris a rest he is been overused

RaveTears91d ago

RE2 and RE4 was not a half assed remake.

-Foxtrot91d ago

The thing is their remakes are better than their main numbered games and are more Resident Evil like.

They aren’t half arsed except for RE3

They know how to do a modern third person survival horror RE game they just keep doing RE7/Village stuff for some strange reason.

goldwyncq90d ago

Resident Evil 7 literally saved the series.

Shalnark90d ago

PT cancellation and the rise of first person Youtube horror scene during 2014 ~ 2017 is what helped this overhyped mess of a franchise gain publicity by the normies and we were all there when that happened and if it wasn't for that timing the entire gaming community would have tear that game to shreds .. people get easily influenced by hype and that is exactly how toxic positivity was born , stop parroting the same lie that most idiots repeat Resident Evil doesn't need saving in the first place when its doing well regardless , they just picked the worst vision to turn this franchise into something unrecognizable and look what happened now .. a franchise with no identity

mastershredder91d ago

Nah, I want them to reprise a horrible villain: Richardo Irving, but inexplicably make him good and the main character, with non-stop nasal-whiney commentary. Doo eet.

OhReginald90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

It'd be hard, he's practically the doomslayer at this point. How about a horror game from the perspective of an evil resident? Like your being hunted by chris redfield.....

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