Boosteroid: There's No Evidence of Activision Joining the Cloud Soon; CMA Is Slowing Innovation

Wccftech talked with Boosteroid, one of the cloud gaming platforms that signed a 10-year deal with Microsoft, about the CMA's block of the Activision Blizzard merger.

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XiNatsuDragnel389d ago

Right.... more like slowing down your ability to gain numbers imo.

chrisx388d ago

I'd say MS are the ones slowing innovation when all they're trying to do is buy everything up instead of actually investing in their AAA studios

Crows90388d ago

Not to mention it's not actually innovative...they use that word too carelessly

shinoff2183388d ago

Chrisx, I couldn't of said it better myself

giovonni388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

I’d say you’re wrong about your assessment. What causes slowing of innovation is conflict of interest between consumer and company, Funding, and infrastructure. The truth is MS is not slowing down innovation. bias, lack of knowledge of the industry in question, uneducated assumptions, and old philosophies are. So, Disney was allowed to buy Hulu, ESPN, Fox, marvel, and Lucas Films and no one has anything to say about that. However for those in the know understand that in order for streaming service to be successful content is needed. This is the reason Sony, google, and other failed and abandoned the market. Consumers annd some companies are stuck in the old gaming model and won’t push forward so it fails before it even gets a chance to take off.

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JBlaze226388d ago

You mean Sony Slowing innovation. Sony King of remakes/remastered

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giovonni388d ago

@imagamdev it’s innovative because cloud gaming changes how games are consumed. Innovation comes by way of “ play anywhere on any device at any time” along with the networks supporting the cloud infrastructure. It’s not MS’s fault that they prepared their business to lead the pack. However that doesn’t mean they will always be the leader. AOL and AT&T says “Hi” a lot of people on here are looking at a very narrow minded scope and don’t truly understand how streaming works it needs an endless amount of content. Good bad or indifferent, every other market has made the switch except for the video game industry it’s still stuck with the old model.

r2oB388d ago

Streaming effects gaming differently than every other market. Movies don’t have to worry about processing the data for multiple inputs, or rendering random assets in real time based on the decisions of the player, or countless other ways gamers interact with a game that a person doesn’t do with other forms of media (so using their adoption as your argument is unfair). If you want to watch a video game streaming is perfectly fine, if you want to play a video game it just sucks. Sure streaming innovates in how games are consumed, but it’s at the price of hindering the quality of the games being consumed. I reckon that’s a trade off most gamers don’t want to make. Cloud computing just isn’t anywhere near local computing in regards to games, and the onus shouldn’t be on gamers to bear with the downsides while the infrastructure gets brought up to par, if ever.

And you don’t need cloud gaming to play anywhere, on any device, at anytime. If that was the goal Microsoft could just make their games available anywhere, on any device, at anytime without the need to buy their console or subscribe to their service (they would still make money similar to how a publisher makes money on their games). To me, this whole play anywhere mantra is just a PR smoke screen for another agenda. It’s seems they are more along the lines of purchasing major publishers so that gamers can play all the games “anywhere, on any device, at anytime that we completely, or at the very least mostly, control”. Microsoft has controlled Xbox for over 20 years now, and for the last 15 or so it has been sub par, so it’s understandable people are hesitant about them trying to control gaming by buying large chunks of it. Maybe people would be more comfortable if they had a track record of nurturing talent and creating quality as opposed to just buying it (not saying acquisitions are bad, but it’s a bad look when it the only way you succeed).

giovonni388d ago

R2ob it sucks right now, but again you aren’t looking toward the future. Do you honestly think streaming is going to suck in the future? Like I said before people are looking at this through a narrow scope. I have tried streaming games through my iPad Pro and with a 5g connection I’ve played gears of war hive busters waiting to board a plane. It’s not unfair because it’s the same concept that video games will be moving to. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen

MrDead389d ago

You know what slows innovation and has proven to in almost every industry its happened to? Market consolidation and monopolies.

FinalFantasyFanatic388d ago

I cannot think of many industries where a monopoly would be best for the consumer and the industry, it always brings the worst outcomes in due time.

gleepot388d ago

This isn't true for video games.

Huey_My_D_Long388d ago

What isn't true for video games? that Market cosolidation and monopolies lead to slowing innovation. or that Monopolies aren't best for the consumer?
I don't think you were saying the first line, because Madden is a huge proof why that concept has been true even for gaming companies.
But your comment could be agreeing with FFF. (or disagreeing, I guess)

shaenoide388d ago

If AKB wanted to be on the cloud they would already be. Like a switch version of CoD.

343_Guilty_Spark388d ago

With what cloud server backend? Gaikai? GoDaddy?

Servbot41388d ago

They could put their games on Gamepass' Cloud service, Geforce Now, Luna, etc. They don't need to be owned by Microsoft to be able to do this as plenty of games already support these services without being owned by a megacorp.

Mr_cheese388d ago Show
Binarycode388d ago

Godaddy. lol that advert.

Obscure_Observer388d ago

Boosteroid is a direct competitor and they believe the merger will be good for both Cloud Gaming and innovation.

And still some people which has zero knowledge or money invested in Cloud Gaming feels entitled to say how they should run their business. Smdh.

Eonjay388d ago

What is actually stopping ABK from offering COD to a streaming service. Literally nothing. Why does it have to be Microsoft who offers it?

It doesn't. The CMA is saying that Microsoft already has 60 to 70 percent of the streaming business in the UK.

That mixed with content control of the most popular titles is more market power than they are willing to approve of in the UK.

It's pretty to see their point of view.

343_Guilty_Spark388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

Does AKB have any investment in a a cloud computing platform, which offers access, management, and development of applications and services through global data centers? What cloud services have they deployed that will enable cloud gaming? Microsoft has customized Xbox blade server farms for Xcloud. They have data centers all over the world.

There is a reason major players have either abandoned or aren’t interested in cloud. It’s very costly.

bleedsoe9mm388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

Activision has no stake in cloud gaming and if they did there is no incentive for them to share their IP. MS was only doing it to get the deal by regulators and more stake holders probably increases adoption somewhat but that not the primary reason to share. MS wanted King for the mobile presence 1st Blizzard for PC 2nd and Activision for Cod as the cherry on top.
Oh and you understand how gaming works even if the CMA doesn't, Cloud isn't a market its a side feature of a service for both Sony and MS

Eonjay388d ago


No ABK doesn't have Cloud infrastructure. That would be provided by those with their own cloud service (GamePass, PlayStation, or in this specific case Boosteroid).

This is what the CMA wants to allow for real competition according to their findings.

What they are claiming is that Microsoft owning the most popular content gives them an insurmountable advantage considering they already own 70% of cloud game streaming market in the country. It is a real uphill battle for them. The chances of the tribunal finding against the CMA is almost zero.

Workshyskiver388d ago

They 'own' 70% of the market because various companies like google have given up on cloud gaming as not being worth the investment, hardly the same as having 70% of a market thats competitive.

Obscure_Observer388d ago


"They 'own' 70% of the market because various companies like google have given up on cloud gaming as not being worth the investment, hardly the same as having 70% of a market thats competitive."


When MS entered the Cloud Gaming space, both Google and Sony´s PS Now were its direct competitors, so yeah, MS simple brought more innovation, better and more reliable infrastructure and support, not to mention a new and more genre diverse library of games.

The reason why MS has now 70% of the Cloud Gaming market is because they have all of its competitors beat down.

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shinoff2183388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

Yea cause it brings more to cloud it gets it out there. Not everyone I thrilled with cloud. Ms and people that theyve swindled into believing the cloud is the best thing ever , isp that charge for data caps, and others who own cloud type of services. Eh hard pass

Also maybe acti can buy up some cloud with part of that 3 billion or whatever ms gonna own them if they that worried about it.

MrSec84388d ago

Exactly, Activision are so massive they could definitely own a cloud gaming company to hoast games from server farms. The best way would be to become as vertically integrated a company as possible, that way costs can be kept down, don't rely on some other company that can dictate what happens with your products.

Activision Blizzard definitely doesn't need to be owned by Microsoft and Microsoft certainly doesn't need to buy them to do anything with them as a company.

MrSec84388d ago

None of those people have zero knowledge, they just want to play the games they want to play, on the platforms they want to, without some big company coming along and thinking they can buy up everything they want to control the industry.

No one needs to own shares in Microsoft or some other company to have a say in where they buy products or play them.

Extermin8or3_388d ago

Boosteroid is not a direct competitor as the cma already outlines. Boosteroid allows you to play games you already own like George now. Not pay a subscription and just instantly get a library stream able games.

jznrpg388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

@bleedsoe9mm cloud is the focus of MS long term . They want to be a games as a service company. Play anywhere with cloud streaming is clearly their focus right now. It may not be fully implemented and the world isn’t ready for that totally yet but that’s their end game.
Another monthly sub they can add on their long list of subs they have.

They have a console but clearly that’s just a side gig to their real objectives.