Stop Making Excuses For Bad Games

Unless the players and press begin to hold publishers accountable, unfinished games like Halo Infinite and Redfall will become the norm.

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SullysCigar141d ago

It's refreshing to see such awareness from a gaming news outlet.

We need to avoid another Xbox Live situation - hear me out. Xbox Live was great at the time, don't get me wrong, but it was also a trap. It was YEARS before Sony charged us to pay for online play. They waited, watching. Probably thinking, "this won't end well for MS". Except it did. And MS bragged about it's profits, so Sony were like, "okay then, gamers are going with this, so it looks like we have another revenue stream, whoop whoop!".

My point being, if we don't slap them down and shout it from the rooftops when they take the p!ss (see: Redfall), we'll be sending the message that we'll take it - and at that stage, that's all we're going to get, more crap.

BE VOCAL and push back. Don't play it, even if you already paid for GamePass, or you're upping their player stats and their 'MAUs'. Wait it out. They might eventually make it a good game, then it's worth your time and you can jump in... but I wouldn't hold your breath.

dead_pixels141d ago

Thanks, you've absolutely hit the nail on the head. If we just roll over and accept this kind of nonsense, opportunistic publishers will just continue cutting corners and pushing out unfinished products. We can't let that become the culture.

solideagle141d ago

many streamers have abandoned it and are saying they won't finish it. one example is Penguinz0: https://www.youtube.com/wat...

anast141d ago

This one understands. I can't disagree with any of this.

MIDGETonSTILTS17141d ago

The only thing that moves corporations is money.

Boycott Game Pass until Starfield.

That’ll turn up the heat, but I expect anything short of that to just be met with “don’t worry, the cloud is coming, you’ll love it if you want to play CoD or Candy Crush.”

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MIDGETonSTILTS17141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

But, and this might be disruptive, M$ is NOT interested in competing with the great games of their competitors. They have a different vision.

They used to not be open to new IPs, which is why Bungie left. Now, they are sooooo open to any creative vision that they have zero standards for their quality. Sony outright canceled the KOTOR remake…. Would M$ ever do that?

And as long as you can get all of Xbox’s $70 games for $15/month, M$ hopes your standards will be closer to those for a $15 game than a $70 AAA system seller exclusive that Sony and Nintendo still manage to produce.

Imagine if Sony wasn’t making games, and we only had Xbox games to set expectations: they’d be telling us that it would be impossible to do what Sony does (makes games as fun as Nintendo and pretty enough to be the envy of pc gamers).

We are lucky that the industry developed differently. We’d only be luckier if M$ managed to actually compete and motivate Sony to strive even further.

anast141d ago

This is close to the bone.

MIDGETonSTILTS17141d ago

…you can probably tell that I’m tired of buying an Xbox just to listen to my friends play Madden in the Party.

crazyCoconuts141d ago

Trying to put together his words and actions, the strategy i think is this:
Play to your strengths - Lots of MS $ and Azure data centers.
Therefore, be first in Streaming / Cloud - be the Netflix of Gaming
Use $ to buy up as much of the gaming industry as possible and expose those games exclusively through your service
Eventually reach critical mass so that you have to go there to play your favorite IP. Some of them will be good some of them bad, but when you have most of the big IPs out there, does it matter?

MIDGETonSTILTS17141d ago

Yeah, but they should have to please the current market before shaping the future market. They kicked the can enough.

crazyCoconuts141d ago

If you buy up the market, you don't have to. Maybe they're thinking - it's not like people won't want to play the next COD, Fallout, Wolfenstein, Minecraft, Elder Scrolls, I could go on lol
It's really kinda disgusting what they're doing... and to think people think them buying Activision/Blizzard is a good thing. I hope they're reconsidering after hearing from Phil directly what he's trying to do

anast141d ago

"you can probably tell that I’m tired of buying an Xbox just to listen to my friends play Madden in the Party."

For sure. I was even thinking about buying an Xbox. but I think I will wait and see how ESVI turns out.

MIDGETonSTILTS17140d ago

Don’t hold your breath, it’s speculated that it’s the “10 year game” cited for the CMA.

shinoff2183141d ago (Edited 141d ago )


Sony canceled kotor, I can't find anything on that. Got anything. Only thing I'm finding is indefinite, switched devs a couple times or some shit like that

Not saying your lying but I could just be overlooking it

MIDGETonSTILTS17140d ago

Yeah I could be wrong, it might’ve been more accurate to say:

“fired two directors and paused indefinitely”.

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Silver_ShadoWolf141d ago

These days, you find a good indie developer and keep them in your back pocket. There’s some good ones out there like Fromsoftware and Kojima, but they are the ones that won’t associate themselves with he bigger companies. I hope their fan bases keep them open, because I’d hate to lose the developers that actually give a damn.

jznrpg141d ago

Fromsoftware is owned by Kadokawa and they are a big company actually

bleedsoe9mm141d ago

Absolutely right Jim Ryan should apologize for Forspoken

VersusDMC141d ago

Sony doesn't own Square nor did they quality test the game(like Microsoft quality tested Redfall) so that doesn't make sense.

BlaqMagiq1141d ago

Jim Ryan should apologize for a game Sony didn't make?

Thundercat77141d ago

Forspoken is a THIRD PARTY GAME.
Redfall is a FIRST PARTY GAME.

Jim doesn't need to apologies for a game of another company.


FinalFantasyFanatic141d ago

Square-Enix should apologize, and they that company has put out some stinkers or meh games in the past decade or so anyway, should have been wary of the game based on it's pedigree (e.g. developer).

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Inverno141d ago

They are already the norm. Ffs early access is a thing, wildly inconsistent, some games never even get done despite money being poured in. They demand 70 dollars, 80 or even 100 in other parts of the world. Well then we should demand they put out a working game day one! Yet we see Starwars getting near perfect scores, only after do we see sites speaking of how technically buggy it is. Wtf mention that in the review, lower the scores, inform your audience.
Also let's not pretend Redfall is getting treated fairly, cause it's not. The whole 30 fps thing was blown out of proportion, sites just further exploiting it now that it's out. Very selective about what game they throw under the bus during reviews. We've seen it many times now, so many broken games with no mentions of that fact during reviews. Then many of you start praising these sites for doing what they SHOULD be doing for every title.

shinoff2183141d ago

Inferno, I'll agree the 30fps thing was overblown, but it's been shown its got bigger problems then that. I personally don't care about frames per second. This day and age a solid 30 or 60 I'm good. One of my fav games xcom had framerste problems , I didn't stop me from having fun. Only thing I'll add I don't play first person shooters often at all unless its a fallout or bioshock.