After Redfall, worried for Starfield? Perhaps you should be

With the muted response to Microsoft's Redfall, how does this impact the September release of Starfield? Should gamers be worried about Microsoft's Gamepass strategy having an impact on game quality?

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jambola141d ago

well after Fallout 76 you should probably be concerned but, sure

chrisx141d ago

I mean that Starfield gameplay trailer was so hard to watch. It looked extremely basic, no wow factor and no must play factor. I hope it turns out good but with MS's track record, it's a big hope.

piroh141d ago

The only MS franchise i still play is Forza H/M hope they dont fk it up too please no

Sonic1881141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

"Starfield gameplay trailer was so hard to watch. It looked extremely basic, no wow factor and no must play factor."

When I said something similar to this, I got so many downvotes and inappropriate DMS. The shooting mechanic was off as well

seanpitt23141d ago

I am a Sony guy but I want starfield to be good and big hit just for Microsoft's state because it's getting embarrassing at this point!

NoFanBoy141d ago

Yeah looked basic and dated and running poorly. I hope they delay it if needed rather than give us a broken mess.

Obscure_Observer141d ago (Edited 141d ago )


"I mean that Starfield gameplay trailer was so hard to watch. It looked extremely basic, no wow factor and no must play factor.."

As an known Playstation fan which will not able to play Starfield, you and yours PS only pals opinions holds little to no value.

Starfield is 2023´s most anticipated game on STEAM and Xbox and will most definitely be a huge success if not released in a broken state like Redfall.

Tbh, I´m not worried about Starfield´s quality because Todd Howard wouldn´t risk and broadcast an entire, exclusive and dedicated Starfield showcase to the world, in case he doesn´t have absolute confidence in his work and team at Bethesda Softworks.

38 days and counting.

dumahim141d ago

"I´m not worried about Starfield´s quality because Todd Howard wouldn´t risk and broadcast an entire, exclusive and dedicated Starfield showcase to the world,"


-Foxtrot140d ago


You’re kidding right

He literally got up on stage and gave us the “it just works” line while saying a complete bunch of other bullshit about Fallout 76

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neutralgamer1992141d ago

Starfield didn’t look good and very bland

Gunplay was very basic
Animations were very janky
Graphics better than past Bethesda games

And that’s coming from someone who bought Xbox for Bethesda and other RPG’s

Starfield is a huge test for Bethesda and MS. Absolutely no excuses. Bethesda have the resources, have been given time and don’t have to allocate resources to other platforms

Absolutely no excuse

Redfall sucks and is a joke no one can defend the game

SyntheticForm141d ago


Starfield's character movement and animations look as stiff as their previous games. I wish they would ditch 'Creation' and use a more modern engine.

It's frustrating because Bethesda/Microsoft could do so much better - so much better.

GhostScholar141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

You are so see through. Like the mechanics in any Bethesda game is tight? You’re gonna say that the sword play in elder scrolls is good? Or the gun play in any fallout game is good? Those games are great for the worlds and lore not for their realistic combat.

-Foxtrot141d ago

It’s not really that it’s more to do with the fact Bethesda have technical / bug issues at launch when they make a game with one single map, yet Starfield is going to be super ambitious where you’ll have 1000s of planets to explore with their own star system.

Maybe they’ll pull it off but it just feels like they might be biting off more than they can chew.

--Onilink--141d ago

To be honest, as long as the bugs are mostly irrelevant (not tied to performance or anything gamebreaking) I usually dont care that much unless its to extreme levels.

Most recent games that have been getting hammered in reviews and in public are usually more about terrible performance or just really bad design choices (and the bugs are kind of like the cherry on top)

So if its Fallout 3-4-NV or Skyrim level bugs, while not happy, I wont really mind that much. If its F76 level, then they definitely have another disaster in their hands

dumahim141d ago

They're not hand crafting all those locations. I struggle to think of an example where there was a massive game world and it was better than something smaller, more tightly crafted and interesting.

outsider1624141d ago

The good thing for xbox players though is that it'll be on gamepass day 1.

dumahim141d ago

Not just 76, but their general trajectory since Skyrim. It's been getting worse ever since.

Ps5conehead141d ago

Observed sure ps only console players can play starfield. On the pc everyone opinion has value. What are you 12

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IamTylerDurden1141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

No. MS can't allow Starfield to be bad. Redfall was never a big deal, Starfield has been the focal point of XB going on 2 years. It's had ample development time, the engine is improved though performance will obviously be an issue bc Bethesda, but i don't see why it wouldn't be at least FO4 level in terms of success. Outer Worlds was a limited version of Fallout and still scored well. I can't see Starfield being worse. Idc that fellow Sony fans largely disagree with anything remotely XB positive. I say what i feel untethered by agenda.

Plus, the undeserving hype it got before they showed anything will play a factor imo. Critics think the game is a big deal, it'll get the benefit of doubt and receive an inflated score. However, if Starfield flops MS and Bethesda are cooked.

jambola141d ago

You don't care about Sony fans but bring them up unprovoked? Weird
Almost like it was on your mind from the start
Meaning you care

oIMyersIo141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

You’re only kidding yourself on if you don’t think this site is a massive Sony fan haven.

At the end of the day, I see no issue with @Tyler’s comment and we have disagreed on things on the past.

It’s the same as many usual names on this site commenting about Xbox fans having downvote bots or naming certain Xbox fans before they’ve even commented on an article.

It goes both ways.

Imo @tyler was just preparing for the inevitable Sony fan with a counter point on a Xbox article which you sort of proved. And the fact you didn’t address any of their points but honed in on the one thing Sony related just further solidifies that.

Crows90141d ago


There's a reason Sony playstation has fans. Can't fathom why Xbox still has any. I was tired of being in an abusive relationship during early Xbox one era.

TheKingKratos140d ago


Well, ask your self why Sony have this much of fans and Microsoft doesn't without playing the Victim cards ... Only then You will see clearly why

IamTylerDurden1140d ago


However, i realize the majority of N4G users are indeed Sony fanboys and anything that isn't purely negative about XB will likely get bombed. Hence why i made the statement. I don't care but i knew the outcome of not fear mongering over Starfield would receive backlash.

It's interesting how i'm a Sony fanboy yet i have an XB agenda when i don't mindlessly garble the redundant rhetoric of the fanboy faithful.

I'm not MBG, not Jay Rock, Jay Tech, Puerto Rock or Colt. I'm me. I say what i believe. I'm not a hollow shill like most. Idgaf if what i say supports XB or PS. I give my truth every time and i believe Starfield has very little chance of resembling anything close to Redfall bc MS would be fools to allow such an important property to fail particularly after Halo and Redfall. It could be a 76 situation, it's possible, but i doubt it.

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crazyCoconuts141d ago

Personally I don't see as many yellow flags on Starfield as Redfail, but I mean i think the latter's issues were pretty visible.
I agree if Starfield ends up being a better looking Outer Worlds (obviously with a more serious tone), a lot of folks would be happy - i would be.
The thing that seemed worrisome was how grand Todd H's vision was - i hope he didn't spread the team too thin with all the things he wanted to accomplish

--Onilink--141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

The biggest difference for me is that Starfield is still playing very much into the usual BGS experience.

Redfall from the very first showing was clear they were trying to go into uncharted territory for the studio, so I guess it was always more likely they could fail on design choices

So while I’m still cautiously optimistic because I’m still waiting to see just how buggy it is, I have more confidence in BGS in delivering in the core gameplay loop because its not really anything they havent done before (for the most part), while with Redfall I was hoping to still get the core Arkane experience with some of those added elements on top but it didnt really end up that way

IamTylerDurden1140d ago

Fallout in space. What's not to like? Outer Worlds made a budget version of that and succeeded. Starfield will be better.

I don't mind if truth creates fanboy tears. PlayStation is my favorite platform but those predicting Redfall results in Starfield are primarily those with an agenda. Budget alone will elevate it beyond Redfall. And you could Redfall looked bad from day 1, Starfield is a more expanded Outer Worlds. What's not to like?

northpaws141d ago

If a company can simply don't ALLOW a game to be bad, then there would be no bad games in this world.

anast141d ago

There also wouldn't be as many games. There isn't enough talent to go around.

GamingSinceForever141d ago

There is a difference between a bad game, an incomplete game, and a buggy game. Only (1 of 3) is an opinion and (2 of 3) are facts.

So a company cannot help to release a bad game, but an incomplete and buggy mess is unacceptable. These gams cost a lot and they need to take all the time they need to get it right.

GamingSinceForever141d ago

Define success? You said that it should at least be at FO4 level but with GamePass in the frame it clearly won’t match in terms of units sold.