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Plagued with bland missions, boneheaded enemies, and repeated technical problems, Redfall is a bafflingly bad time across the board.

LG_Fox_Brazil210d ago

The reviews on Steam are being brutal as well. What a disappointment Arkane

Godmars290210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

More like MS. If true they rushed it for Gamepass content. That's well beyond should know better.

oIMyersIo210d ago

Can’t all be pinned on MS.

Game was in development at Arkane for years, they definitely have a part to play.

The “rushed it for GamePass” take would be more believable as the SOLE reason for the game’s state if the game didn’t suffer numerous delays.

Eonjay210d ago


Yes it can and must be pinned on Microsoft. The idea that Microsoft had no choice but to green-light the release of a broken game is stupid. Of course they did. If the game wasn't ready then don't release it.

What other motivation could they have for releasing it?

-Foxtrot210d ago


Sorry but MS had like two years to oversee the game

They released it in that state

They should have cancelled it and took the loss explaining to the public their reasons, how it wasn’t up to their quality or tell Arkane to reboot development and start from scratch into a single player game.

DOMination-210d ago

I'd love to know the story behind it one day and why somebody like Harvey Smith came to be making a game like this. It's all very strange.

I'd also love to know what state it was in last summer when it was supposed to be released originally.

My theory: The E3 this was revealed at was not long after the Zenimax purchase was completed. I wonder if there was internal pressure to show something to justify it at the time (outside of Starfield which was already announced) and this was the only thing they had? Afterall, we've still not seen anything new from any of those studios still after two years outside of HiFi Rush - Then after revealing it as a "one more thing" no less, they couldn't easily cancel the project.

Honestly, this game looks like it would have been bad even if it had another three years. So whether it had involvement from MS or not is not really relevant, however its really not helping their image of mis-managing studios and projects. Spencer and Booty really should be under severe pressure at this point.

Lightning77209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

According the Jeff Grubb which was back by Jez Cordon at Windows Central. I scour the internet and try and bring the right info at all times it accurate enough anyway. MS had no faith in Redfall when They first got hands on it. The delay, marketing etc was 100% on Arkane. MS left them alone this whole time. In fact there was even talks of Ms intervening and delaying the game more or canceling the game.

Canceling would of obviously would of went down allot worse than the reviews of Redfall. So they left them alone this whole time. There was also no amount of delays that could of saved the game. Not 3 months, 8 months or even a year. Arkane made a game they simply had no buissness making at the end of the day.

gleepot209d ago

That's not actually what happened.

Crows90209d ago


I'm sorry but who owns the studio? Take some responsibility. Or ALA Microsoft and Xbox fan style...just throw them under the bus.

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Sonic1881210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

And Microsoft. One of the worse review score for a AAA game this generation. This game is even worse than Forspoken

SullysCigar209d ago

This part from the review: "Snipers run towards you like an 8 year old on his first trip to Laser Tag, before crouching down IN FRONT of cover, so you can easily dispatch with them" 😂💀

The AI has looked AWFUL in the lead up to launch. Most could see it plain as day, but if you pointed it out you were labelled a hater. Well, now we can all unite and hate this game together. If you're in any doubt, go play it.

If you can't play it, check out the YouTube video by King Thrash where he compares it to a 20 year old X360 game. It's not a good look...

oIMyersIo209d ago

You know, for all the trash Forspoken got, I picked it up on sale last week and aside from the annoying script for the protagonist, the game is…surprisingly decent. The combat is pretty fun and the soundtrack is 👌

BigBosss210d ago

Should have delayed the game for another year

Eonjay210d ago

They needed the illusion of AAA first party content on GamePass. Does anyone realize they've gone 18 months... now it's gonna be nearly 2 years when Starfield comes out.

PhillyDillyDee210d ago

Really it should’ve just been cancelled and the assets used for something else.

badz149209d ago

what assets? the textures are looking like they were taken straight from Fortnite (the UE4 version)

SullysCigar209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Undoubtedly! The "you can't pin this on Microsoft" talk is absurd. This has been under MS control for AGES now. They will have dictated it's release schedule and overseen QA and playtesting during the later stages of development.

They just hoped nobody would notice and released it through desperation. And this after PlayStation removed Cyberpunk 2077 from their store until they deemed it ready, no doubt losing millions in revenue in the process, because they didn't want broken crap being released to their consumers.

There's no excuse for this and no amount of belated patches will atone for a move like this.

Sonic1881209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

But they did delay the game back in September and that still didn't help

jznrpg209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

I think this “game” should have been canceled or just a free to play only game after being delayed again for a year or 2 . It’s not worth paying 10$ for but they had 100$ versions . Insane . To me it’s a glorified mode and not a full game

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DRambo209d ago

I don't think another year could fix this. It's always going to be broken.

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potatoseal210d ago

Was this game always supposed to be a 4-player open sanbox co-op game from it's inception?

Or when MS announced it's desire to purchase Zenimax in 2020, did they have a say in forcing this game to be made with a "good for gamepass" mindset to it's overall mechanics and design?

Did they take all the skills for a single character in a single player game and spread them out over 4 choosable characters in a multiplaer co-op game? I mean MS certainly told the development team to scratch the PS5 version. What else did MS ask them to do?

I have a feeling there is a lot more to this story. Arcane are better than this. Something strange happened imo.

senorfartcushion209d ago

It looks similar to a lot of games as a service titles: industry trends changing over the time of development leading to the game being redeveloped to the point of mundanity.

Gotham Knights, Cyberpunk 2077, Suicide Squad etc

XiNatsuDragnel210d ago

Arkane needs to learn from this.

Eonjay210d ago

It's clearly Microsoft and not Arkane. We have seen their work before.
I can't believe they are out hear trying to put the blame on the devs once again.

senorfartcushion209d ago

Arkane can tell the execs where to stick it. From what I hear the execs were also too powerless to stop the motions. No one is ever that powerless though. If your warnings as a worker aren’t hitting the bigwigs, change them to threats.

Form a bond with your devs and hold your ground as workers and artists.

oIMyersIo210d ago

IGN are inconsistent at best.

Not defending the Redfall review, it’s deserved.

But they gave Jedi Survivor a 9/10 but then after gamers got their hands on it and noticed the glaring bugs, they released a separate video addressing them. Really should have been mentioned in the initial review.

Welshy210d ago

I think the difference is that Jedi's issues are purely technical, while it shouldn't have launched like that, once it's patched it will be a fantastic game.

Patches will do nothing for Redfall, like Fallout 76, it's problems are too rooted to the core design of the game so even smooth performance can't salvage it fully.

oIMyersIo210d ago


I see your point but at the same time reviews should be transparent. They should note these issues because it’s not “the game will be good once patched”.

A review is the state of the game at launch,

We need to stop accepting mediocrity because that attitude is the exact reason we end up with games releasing in that state.

By the time games end up fixed, they’re cheaper to buy, so those day one adopters who have been misled by less than transparent reviewers have wasted money as a result.