Dean Takahashi | Videogame Journalist GOAT | RPadTV 3000

RPadTV’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month content kicks off with a Dean Takahashi interview. Considered by many to be THE preeminent videogames journalist, Dean Takahashi chats with host Raymond Padilla about why he chose to pursue a career in journalism, how the coverage of games has changed in his decades in the business, his thoughts on using AI to help write articles, the one question he always asks in interviews, advice he has to Asian Americans looking to get into videogame journalism, and more.

beerhound147d ago

Rather interesting interview with one of gaming's veteran journos. Respect.

Angyobangyo147d ago

Dean Takahashi, the man the legend who failed so hard at the cuphead tutorial and Doom Eternal.


Super Snail Review - Hardcore Droid

Super Snail stands out with its idle, but exploratory missions, addictive minigames and humor that can likely make any player laugh.

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It Looks Like Starfield Has Major Accessibility Problems

Content creator and accessibility consultant Steve Saylor points out a massive lack of accessibility in Bethesda’s latest RPG

InUrFoxHole25d ago

Face palm... Jesus we are reaching

Sashamaz25d ago

You think a disabled fan asking for more accessibility features is reaching? Are their criticism of the game less relevant than anyone else's?

InUrFoxHole24d ago

Reaching as in a major issue.

raWfodog24d ago

I don’t think it’s ‘reaching’ but I wouldn’t call it a ‘major’ problem either. It’s nothing that can’t be fixed with an update.

Ps5conehead24d ago

As a disabled person your comment is way out of line. Don’t take anything for granted

InUrFoxHole24d ago

Let me expand on lol so it doesn't seem like I'm a dick. While I get it man... disabled people get shafted time to time or maybe often on features I don't think it's a major issue that can't be fixed. Lol is for the taking anything for granted. I'm good on that front. We'll aware how the body works

Fonsecap25d ago

I don't know about accessibility but it needs desperately for QoL changes...


Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Is Now Targeting Summer 2024 at the Earliest, But Late 2024 Is More Likely

Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb shared an update on BioWare's internal release window for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf after yesterday's layoff news.

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