RE4 Remake’s Ashley Deserves A DLC Or Standalone Game

Hell hath no fury like a woman turned down by Leon.

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-Foxtrot150d ago

She’d make a good future character

She starts to handle herself in the remake near the end of the game showing character growth.

You could totally see her starting to go to shooting ranges and self defence classes after her trauma, she even makes a small reference in the game saying how she could become an Agent like Leon.

Do that, a girl who can’t get past her trauma like some Laurie Strode shit and story wise just make her stumble into her own mini “Racoon city” event

It would be pretty decent I can’t lie

CrimsonWing69150d ago

I love ya', man, but uh...I dunno, lol. This one's a hard sell for me.

I will admit she was less annoying in the Remake, but she wasn't my favorite part of the game. But hey, y'know maybe something like that could fly.

JokerBoy129150d ago

Better yet make it a prequel to Resi 4 showing her fighting and running from the Genados before inevitably being captured at the end.

JokerBoy129149d ago

Surprised no one likes the idea lol. I thought it being in the likeness of like Clock Tower or Outlast where you sneak around and hide from Genados and Mendez sounded fun.

cruxito150d ago

we need a DLC with her in a skirt…: that’s it. That’s the only DLC this game needs


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rpad10d ago

is it true that Journey's "Separate Ways" is looped in the background for the entire DLC?

beerhound10d ago

Yes, but it's the version Slayer did for the "Less Than Zero" soundtrack.

VersusDMC9d ago

It is great so far. Well worth the 10 bucks.

Levii_929d ago

The whole RE4 Remake pacakge is beyond godlike now. The game is so sick and filled with sooo much content and the game was already very meaty on that front, i can't believe this DLC is only 10 bucks i mean truly amazing job by Capcom here and the mercenaries mode is just STUPID how fun and great it is. This my game of year easily.


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Babadook729d ago

Yeah I figured it would be ordered like this. For me Leons best game was his debut. RE2.


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37d ago
GoodGuy0936d ago

4 was great... but missed some things. But still, the RE remakes have been some of the best remakes.

anast36d ago

2 was good, but 3 and 4 were phoned in. I suppose 1 out 3 successes is the new standard. This is why publishers get away with so much.

Babadook728d ago

All were good. None were phoned in.

on_line_forever36d ago

Resident evil 3 remake NEED another good quality remake

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