10 Best PS1 Racing Games of All Time

Racing games arguably found their footing on the original PlayStation more than any other console, as these bona fide classic PS1 racing games prove.

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Relientk77144d ago

CTR: Crash Team Racing

The amount of time I put into this game and playing split screen with friends is insane. I would literally just play this for countless hours. Such a fun racing game.

banger88144d ago

Driver is not a racing game. Also, I think Motorhead deserves a place on that list.

Yi-Long144d ago

It doesn’t, because that was a PS3 game, not PS1.

I agree that was a great series though, including the top-down RC game.

A never-ending shame that Sony killed that studio.

banger88143d ago

You're thinking of Motorstorm. Motorhead was a PS1 racer that came out in 1998.

Yi-Long143d ago

You are absolutely correct, dear sir. I hang my head in shame, and I tip my head to you in appreciation for mentioning Motorhead, which was mighty fine indeed!

CrimsonWing69144d ago

Ridge Racer Type 4, to this very day, is my favorite racing game. That freaking intro is such a banger! Gets me stoked every time!

Dandalandan117144d ago

I think Micro Maniacs deserves a mention.
Me along with my brothers and cousins spent countless hours with that game.

Hofstaderman144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

In order of greatness for me: GT2, ridge racer type 4, GT1, Toca Touring Cars, Colin McCrae Rally, Ridge Racer, Porsche Challenge, Need for Speed 3, Porsche Challenge, Monster Trucks 4x4, Test Drive 5, Formula One 1998


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