Are There Too Many Remakes?

There’s been a lot of remakes in 2023 like Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space with plenty more on the way, and Kurt can’t help but ask: is this a good thing?

ZeekQuattro152d ago

Short answer. No. Long answer. Hell no!

isarai152d ago

Nah, actually without a lot of these remakes I would forget why I loved gaming in the first place. So hard to just get a straightforward complete game out the box these days, remakes help fill that void considerably

jambola152d ago

there's hundreds of games every year
a handful are remakes
maybe it's because they are good remakes they stick with us

outsider1624152d ago

Not until we get
Tenchu 1 and 2
im sure there are other gems. These are a few of my favorites

merlox151d ago

Why not a remake or a remaster of the Resistance series?

RaiderNation152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

I mean, Ive enjoyed them. So I cant sit here and say there's too many. For the most part they've all been very good remakes. As long they remain of high quality and people are buying and enjoying them, I think its fine. They help fill the gaps between new releases. This year alone Ive beaten The Last of Us Part 1, RE4, Metroid Prime Remaster, and Dead Space and I loved every single one of those games.

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"Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways" Review \\ paulsemel

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rpad11d ago

is it true that Journey's "Separate Ways" is looped in the background for the entire DLC?

beerhound11d ago

Yes, but it's the version Slayer did for the "Less Than Zero" soundtrack.

VersusDMC10d ago

It is great so far. Well worth the 10 bucks.

Levii_9210d ago

The whole RE4 Remake pacakge is beyond godlike now. The game is so sick and filled with sooo much content and the game was already very meaty on that front, i can't believe this DLC is only 10 bucks i mean truly amazing job by Capcom here and the mercenaries mode is just STUPID how fun and great it is. This my game of year easily.


Fear Fest Horror Game Awards 2023 has just announced its winners

"Feardemic are today very thrilled & proud to announce the winners (yes, "Resident Evil 4 Remake" is on the list) of its Fear Fest Horror Game Awards 2023 event." - Feardemic.

roadkillers23d ago

Either REmake4 or Dead Space deserved it.

TGG_overlord22d ago

Well...Life is far from fair...

roadkillers22d ago

Well, REmake4 won so... it was fair today :)


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Babadook730d ago

Yeah I figured it would be ordered like this. For me Leons best game was his debut. RE2.