Nintendo ordered to testify before FTC in Microsoft-Activision Merger case

FTC law judge orders Nintendo executive who negotiated the 10-year Call of Duty deal with Microsoft to testify in FTC's Activision merger lawsuit.

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Mr_cheese152d ago

The FTC won't let me be or let me be me, so let me see

Newmanator151d ago

They tried to shut me down on N4G but it’d be so empty, without me

Mr_cheese151d ago

At least someone got it hahaha

SullysCigar152d ago

Nintendo really didn't want to be involved, but it looks like that premature COD deal they signed is dragging them in regardless.

--Onilink--152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Well of course they dont want to be involved in a trial where they might be asked about specifics of their next console which is undoubtedly part of the 10 year deal they signed. No company would when it might cause information to come out that they dont want the public to know about yet

S2Killinit152d ago

And the specifics of what was actually promised by MS. Can you imagine what may have been said in the negotiations? We are going to have to wait and see now.

SullysCigar151d ago

If you wanna dance with the Devil, you gotta play his way.

Tacoboto152d ago

"I plead the Gamescom 2023"

__SteakDeck__152d ago

@S2Killinit I know you said in another article that you think the deal will still go through with concessions. But the question is what will MS agree to? The CMA may ask MS to remove COD from the acquisition, but there’s no way MS is going to do that.

mastershredder152d ago

Tee hee. Slimey Slime. MS has really done nothing but poison and toxify the industry ever since they entered console gaming. I miss the days when the industry was not so lopsided and did not have all this drama tied to it.

Zeref152d ago ShowReplies(8)
darthv72152d ago

Even back in the old days, the drama was there. We just didn't have a 24h instant news cycle that we do now. you had to wait 30 days to get the latest scoop / dirt on any gaming news. And then it was all down to how it was being framed for the reader through the publication. They didnt want to burn any bridges because of advertising $$. Now a days, everyone is a newsie.

shinoff2183152d ago

Spot on Darth. Remember the sega and Nintendo beef.

S2Killinit152d ago

Of course nothing like this merger and acquisition has ever happened in the gaming industry but otherwise yes.

CrimsonWing69152d ago

The hell are you talking about? Have you looked at Nintendo's business practices during the NES era?

Or are you just jumping on the Microsoft hate bandwagon? Are you going to boycott COD because Activision Blizzard pushed and even approached Microsoft to do this buyout?

If Sony did this would you be calling them "poison" and "toxic" to the industry? Is purposefully paying to keep a game off the competitor's console "toxic"?

This is business. I don't fault Sony for their tactics and I don't blame Microsoft for wanting this deal. It's not about football teams here. Don't treat it from a fanboy perspective and besides, cut-throat competition is good for the consumers. We get more games that try to outdo each other.

shinoff2183152d ago

Crimson are you one of the people who flat out deny that xbox has third party exclusives also. They all do it.

CrimsonWing69152d ago (Edited 152d ago )


Where did I deny that or even implicated that they don’t?

My point was to exemplify that if you claim one side as “toxic” then you absolutely cannot say the other isn’t “poisonous” to the industry and my other point was not to take a fanboy approach to what is essentially business.

Does that make sense? Or are you one of you those people that tries to rationalize one “bad deed” to justify another’s?

Know what I mean, Vern?

dumahim152d ago

Poison the industry or the fanbase? It seemed pretty murky back then too. Especially the whole Nintendo Playstation fiasco.

neomahi152d ago

Eh, but it did. Nintendo staged it for SEGA to wind up in front of Senator Liberman running for Senator that year, that went over well. Afterwards Nintendo's Howard Lincoln wrote SEGA: "Roses are red, violets are blue, so you had a bad day, boo hoo hoo." This was over Mortal Kombat and violent video games. This is business, man. Business and politics play by the same rules.

If Microsoft had any pride or integrity and respect for the industry, the Major League Baseball deal would've never happened. Phil Spencer would've turned that down and said they don't play that way. Not only did Phil Spencer accept a game developed by a PlayStation Studio and didn't front the bill or help pay for any development of the game, but they gave PlayStation's game away for free to push their own agenda. It wasn't theirs to give away. MLB doesn't know anything about the game industry, but Microsoft and Xbox were so desperate for a quality game from a gaming titan, they accepted that quick, instead of turning it down with any form of honor so, Xbox had this coming.

Xbox could've gone to PlayStation and said: "Hey, Jim (or Scott or Herman) that was a pretty raw deal the MLB pulled you. This is what we'll do for you. If BluePoint wants to do the port, we're really not making any money on the original Gears Trilogy. We've made the money we're gonna make off of it. Ya know, we can't let ya have Gears 4 and Gears 5, because we've gotta have something, but we'll work a deal with you to put the original Gears Trilogy on PlayStation for a percentage of the profits because that's how we do." That would be Phil being human and actually practicing what he preaches. No loss to Xbox because they've made their money on Gears and it's sitting in a dusty closet now. But, nope. When it looks good to the press, to seem like the good guy, you wear many masks. Phil Spencer isn't at all what he appears. That's business and that's politics. Businessman and politicians are one in the same

ravens52152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Blasphemous olMyerslo. Ps3 left you wanting? Uncharted, Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, The Last of Us, Infamous 1, Infamous 2, MGS 4, God of War 3, God of War Ascension, Heavy Rain, LittleBig Planet... Those are just some of the ones I played. There are more, including the 2 you named.

SoulWarrior151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Yeah this honestly, the PS3 aftera wobbly couple of years was outperforming the 360 in the games department significantly, the 360 had a strong 2005-08 but it really started to fall off games wise from 2009/10, Xbox hasn't hit that same peak since.

jznrpg152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

@Zeref PS gets more games than anyone because we buy games , have one console to make games for not 2 , and Sony actually makes good new IP each generation(for Games not on Nintendo PS5 has power). The only way MS competes is buying games already on Xbox which is super lame.

HeliosHex152d ago

@master. It was actually just as bad. Remember Nintendo dissing sonys cd attachment for Nintendo which gave us playstation. 3do fiasco. Sega vs Nintendo there was lawsuits everywhere among consoles and devs alike which paved the way for console exclusives. It was dirty then as it is dirty now. Only difference now is you hear about it 24hrs a day thanks to the internet.

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giovonni152d ago

@mandif Alan wake, Titanfall, halo reach, sunset over drive, dead rising 3, Ryse, sea of thieves, forza horizon 3, Metro, quantum Break and ton of others

Extermin8or3_152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

What tonne of others? You literally just named all of xbox's first party titles pretty much during the end of 360 era, the xbox one era and most of the series x era too.

giovonni152d ago

I mean he did ask what I played after original gears or something like that. So, that’s what I played.🤷🏾‍♂️

Unknown_Gamer5794152d ago

At this point, I’m just going to kick back and enjoy the show.