Xbox Game Pass subs can now give five friends a free trial

Ultimate and PC subs can let their friends try PC Game Pass.

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ApocalypseShadow154d ago

Has it really come to this to improve numbers and player numbers? Used to be about harassing Sony about cross play. But with games like Red fall being exclusive, can't go that route.

It's like those pyramid companies that want to hire you. And they want you to put in work going after your friends and family to get on board. And then those individuals are supposed to go out and sign up their friends and family. And so on. Where the one benefiting from all the work you put in is the person or group at the top. What's the incentive? Getting 5 friends to try it or sign up should get you a free game or discount or something. Nope. Giving nothing.

Not exactly a good look if game pass is supposed to be so good and great value that gamers would be fools not to subscribe. Where gamers should be running towards it to sign up. Not where mega corporations ask gamers to go find subscribers for them with trials. Why not spend... I don't know, 70 billion in TV advertising and market game pass to consumers directly? And try to get that 2 billion customers they are looking for?

darthv72153d ago

... and here I was looking at this situation like those free trial codes they would include in game cases. I would always give those away. I still do. I just post them on fb groups.

just_looken153d ago

Same here its so nice get a gamepad or a game they are like here try out the paid membership

Sony does not even give you a charge cable and you need a new pad every year to 3 max do too batteries/wear tear.

You think at the very least sony would want you to try there ps now or ps plus via trial code.

just_looken153d ago

Ubisoft removes frind code from fry cry users get made
Demos are moslty gone no one cared
Netflix removes password share aka account share riots online

Microsoft is like hey if your friend that has never used gamepass wants to try it they can now. - Yet i see again this is bad?

Oh right if microsoft does it its evil

Just to give everyone nightmares they are going to add Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family to America soon


I think that is great i can share my sub with friends unlike every other game service out there like nintendio/ps plus one account on one system that is it go f your self.

But i will wait to everyone gets mad about xbox adding game pass share for some reason or another because its microsoft.

ApocalypseShadow151d ago

So, Microsoft can't take some of that 70 billion and put out a commercial in each market stating, "try game pass free for new customers starting May 10 or something like that? They want you to hand them out for them? Sorry. That's lame and you get nothing in return for trying to get your friends or family onboard.

Keep giving them excuses though. You guys excuse everything else they are failing at.

just_looken151d ago

SO you expect to be reward for being nice?

I can see you in a crisis with someone about to fall all you half to do it push a button but your like hey i wont do it until you pay me $50 right?

isarai154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Gotta fluff them "Active Users" numbers they like touting

SullysCigar153d ago

Sony is the CAT to Microsoft's MAUs.

Aloymetal153d ago

Xbox: Power your dreams.
PlayStation: I'm your endless nightmare.

Knushwood Butt154d ago

Recommend buddies to download and play Redfall?
Sounds like a surefire way to lose friends.

shadowT154d ago

Xbox friends could play Redfall

XiNatsuDragnel153d ago

Hey at least my friends won't have to pay for gamepass so less gamepass subs lol

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