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Richard Bailey of The Koalition writes: Redfall was one of many surprise announcements during the Xbox and Bethesda E3 2021 Showcase event. Best described as a vampire-slaying open-world first-person shooter from the makers of Dishonored, Prey, and Deathloop, the intriguing cinematic reveal trailer looked like it could add something new to a genre already filled with games like Back 4 Blood.

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TeamIcoFan144d ago

This is gonna keep happening the more people let MS get away with pushing out subpar games because "it's on gamepass!".

rbailey144d ago

As an Arkane fan, I have to say that I'm very disappointed in what this game turned out to be. Xbox and Bethesda need to do a much better job with Starfield and whatever else they are working on otherwise this acquisition deal was worthless.

IamTylerDurden1144d ago


Arkane is better than this. Thx MS....

Christopher144d ago

Honestly, I'd love for Arkane to be set free and get published by the likes of THQ Nordic.

CBaoth144d ago

why? This is what they want to do. Arkane made it clear making the abysmal Deathloop this was the direction they were headed and NOT returning to games like Dishonored and Prey. Perfect marriage if you ask me...

Christopher144d ago

***Arkane made it clear making the abysmal Deathloop this was the direction they were headed and NOT returning to games like Dishonored and Prey.***

You sound really jaded. They never said Deathloop was their direction, only a game they wanted to make. That doesn't mean they don't want to go back to making games like Dishonored at all nor have they said "Oh, we love co-op, it was our wildest dream". In fact, the most they've said is how they kept it solo-friendly and want the world to feel like their past games. So, with how much they have quoted giving Arkane fans what they want, it seems Arkane still wants to give their fans more of what they're known for.

IamTylerDurden1144d ago (Edited 144d ago )


Ppl here get mad if you say Arkane is good. Last four games were solid imo, prior to RF. Hell, i'd rather Focus Home have them. I like FH and despite being a mid tier pub they did well with Asobo.

Deathloop was fire half way through. It got old but the game was creative and solid quality. Deathloop was not trash. I repeat, Deathloop is a good game.

IamTylerDurden1144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

It will be. Was it amazing looking when shown? No. But the Fallouts and Outer Worlds never show well yet are fun to play. Starfield looks fine.

SonyStyled144d ago

I’m sure Starfield will be fun

IamTylerDurden1144d ago

Man..Redfall reviews were so bad they broke N4G last night.

Bathyj144d ago

Thats what I was thinking.

neutralgamer1992144d ago

Hopefully this is the wake up call Microsoft needs and their future games are much higher quality. Also, all those were saying this would be a game of the year. Contender is very curious to see most of you not post a single comment today on this website.

Hi fi rush was a good start hopefully this is just. Bump on the road and starfield is the next Skyrim game with a lot of quality content without all the bugs and stuff

Shu and herman both play games themselves and can tell when a game needs more time who is responsible for that on Xbox side? Is it Matt booty,Phil or major Nelson

Whoever it is needs to stop drinking the cool aid and handle things better


Bethesda to keep working on Redfall after Starfield success

Pete Hines has said Bethesda is not a company to "quit or abandon stuff just because it didn't start right" when speaking on Redfall's launch.

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ocelot0719d ago

Oh of course completely believe him. I'm sure the next big update for elder scrolls blades is just around the corner and the promised ps5/series/pc and VR release is so close.

Skate-AK18d ago

I'm still waiting on the Fallout 4 60fps patch. They announced it a long time ago.

mandf19d ago

Gamepass to pad it. On xbox there's no way to gauge success without gymnastics

19d ago
DickyD122619d ago


Currently sits at 4th for sales on steam and isn't in top 5 of being played as of rn. The only category it's leading is revenue.

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DiRtY19d ago (Edited 19d ago )


Well, yes.

And it is still early access, the game will be available to the masses in 2 days.

And this is steam only btw.

DickyD122619d ago

Reaching with this one. Starfield isn't even in the top 5 of daily players or current players (currently would be at 7th). Also you are comparing rereleased games to a brand new launch bad comparison bud.

DiRtY19d ago

"Also you are comparing rereleased games to a brand new launch bad comparison bud."

I am comparing the all-time peaks (!!!) of these released games with a game that is not yet available for everyone.

DickyD122619d ago

Yes you're comparing a BRAND new game to rereleased games that have already been played. Your whole point was lackluster. Compare it to bg3 or counter-strike and it looks bad.

mrcatastropheAF19d ago

@dickyD1226 keep in mind there are many players on PC who are utilizing Gamepass to play and therefore not reflected in Steam's #s

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S2Killinit19d ago

Patting themselves on the shoulder because starfield wasn't received all that well. Trying to reassure the minions.

aconnellan19d ago

That’s kind of objectively wrong though. I get that everyone has opinions, but it’s been generally really well received, metacritic puts it comfortably at 88 next to titles like Horizon Forbidden West, GT7, Final Fantasy XVI, etc.

Also puts it above games like Miles Morales, Death Stranding, Ghosts of Tsushima, etc.

Do you class all of those as not well received too?

S2Killinit18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

Let me correct you.

You mean after they limited the reviews to the ones they wanted?

Starfield is at 86 with only 55 reviews. (Not 88)

Horizon FW is at 88 with 126 reviews.

And after MS made it sound like starfield was going to be a revolutionary game.

wiz719119d ago

@DickyD the game isn’t even out yet and it’s #4 lol it’s only in early access right now .. the ppl playing it are players that had reserved it

attilayavuzer18d ago

People that literally paid $100 for it