The Silent Hill 2 Remake Could Be A Victim Of Its Own Unfortunate Legacy

Why the legacy of one of the greatest games of all time could be the downfall of its remake.

BehindTheRows152d ago

Or it could turn out fantastic and we shouldn't take the Pessimist's Pill at every turn.

Biel20150d ago

Who says that Silent Hill 2 is one of the best games in history? I never saw if it was Zelda ocarina

TheEnigma313152d ago

It would be a shame if they screw this up. The source material is already there.

masterfox152d ago

right of the bat when saw for the first time the main character in the mirror , he looks like a cry baby way very different from the original , that looks zombie like but still looks alive, and more dark tone facial expression and very fitting to the game, but this is just my opinion about that aspect only that really grab my attention, I hope the end product is good.

Ristul152d ago

100 % agree, and SH2 is my fav ps2 game.

CrimsonWing69152d ago

All, I can say is from what very little we saw, it feels like they nailed the tone. I thought the remix of the music was amazing. Seeing him walk through the foggy town gave me hope that they know what they're doing.

I'm just hoping like crazy that they don't drop the ball on this. Don't rely on tropey jump scares, but instead make it odd, beautiful in a dark way, and eerie.

Don't overuse Pyramid Head any more than he was in the original, but make his moments beyond standout.

This really could be an amazing remake.

152d ago
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DarXyde74d ago

Isn't Hell Blade II running in UE5? Bit of a weird omission.

How did I not know Silent Hill is running on UE5?


Interview with Konami's Michael Rajna

WTMG's Leo Faria: "I have seen a wide array of outlets and internet comments stating that Konami is back right now, as in, only after the announcement of the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake and the plethora of Silent Hill announcements in late 2022. I don’t particularly agree with that sentiment. If anything, I did state that the company was already performing a slow, but effective resurgence way back in late 2018, all thanks to actions like Castlevania Requiem, the VR version of Zone of the Enders, and partnering up with Nintendo in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

This isn’t new for us, it’s just the natural course of what seemed to be a long-term (and unrushed) strategy. Over the past few years, we saw more releases, both in terms of retro collections and new entries in estabilished IPs. Thankfully, I was able to interview Michael Rajna, Senior Director of Business Development and Licensing at Konami, at BIG Festival this year, where I was finally able to ask about the company’s past, present, and plans for the future."

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neomahi83d ago

A rather generic interview with all the same diplomatic responses. There are all the tough questions that nobody wants to ask because, who wants to bite the hand that feeds, right? But it's the same sounding interview just with Konami


Silent Hill 2 Remake may release in early 2024

According to the voice actor of the main protagonist, Silent Hill 2 Remake will release in early 2024.

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CrimsonWing6995d ago

More than likely near the release of the movie.