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Not even awesome vampires and world design can redeem Redfall's repetitive gameplay, which becomes progressively more monotonous the longer you play.

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chrisx145d ago

In DJ Khaled's voice "Another one".
I mean we all saw this miles away but you dare not criticize Xbox games. What a truly sad state of affairs Xbox is in. Self destruction levels.

Sonic1881145d ago

I actually feel the same way about Starfield when they showed the first gameplay. It looked unfinished especially the shooting mechanic. Something felt off and I'm not surprised they delayed it

chrisx145d ago

That Starfield gameplay video was very underwhelming. Just like halo infinite was, just like redfall was. It's a sad pattern at this point.

IamTylerDurden1144d ago

Starfield will be good. It won't be Redfall quality. Redfall was filler for MS, Starfield is huge for them.

Welshy144d ago


Xbox's first next gen only AAA game developed by a deeply respected team that cost them $7bn to acquire was intended as filler? That's by far the most delusional take I've seen yet and is 100% incorrect.

God forbid Starfield releases in a shambles, are we going move the goal posts for that one too and pass the buck to the next long awaited, overhyped dud?

Lifexline145d ago

Did we all see it a mile away? I didn’t I genuinely reserved my opinion until I played it. But my god this is horrible there is no defending this at all. It’s like an alpha build. Whoever gave this the green light needs to be fired.

Empty city, horrible AI, everything is locked or blocked off, graphics are laughable so many things to list. It’s simply embarrassing for arkane to release this someone had to play it and realize it shouldn’t be released. Makes me wonder the competence at Microsoft now. It really is a vampire game Microsoft sucking off the blood/money of its consumers. I wouldn’t recommend this game even for a $1.

Asplundh145d ago

This is how they drive away good talent, rush them to release their game too soon and then have them watch their work bomb.

Goosejuice145d ago

I feel like this game was pushed to release early with starfield being delayed. They needed something to fill the gap and said just go ahead and release it early. Hence why 60fps mode is coming later and not at launch. Feel like this game was supposed to release in August or September. Both MS and Arcane at fault here.

solideagle145d ago

I think first trailer was pretty cool and gave "this has great potential" especially keeping in mind Arkane's history

DarXyde145d ago

This is what I don't really understand:

They showed a very interesting concept and it looked to me like a game that would feel like Left 4 Dead again. I loved L4D which is a huge endorsement on my part because I typically don't like FPS games. Like, they showed good stuff and what we would have wanted it to be. They must have known and now it's just.... Not that.

I said this is another comments section, but this feels like a serious blemish for Arkane. This is the Dishonored studio.

GhostScholar145d ago

So this game being bad is Microsoft’s fault and not Arkane’s? The game was in production way before Microsoft bought the studios. It’s a bummer that there’s another lackluster game under the Microsoft umbrella but at some point Arkane has to take some of the blame.

Knushwood Butt144d ago

MS is the publisher.

It's on them.

If they can't manage their devs, or rushed this game to market, it's on MS.

neutralgamer1992145d ago

Can we as gamers hope that this is the wake up call Microsoft needed after this all their games will be high-quality

Honestly, this is truly sad. This studio made amazing fun games before the acquisition, and now their first game system acquisition stinks just because Microsoft bought studios doesn’t mean they will get to keep talent if their talent isn’t being provided with guidance and resources.

People bring up Sony paying $3.6 billion for bungie, but not realizing more than half that amount went to retain talent for the next decade

I don’t think any legit gamers would be mad at Microsoft if they were to delay this game for the next 9 to 12 months because almost all of us universally could see this game needed more time. I hope star field is great because otherwise we will see droves of talent, leaving Bethesda.

GhostScholar143d ago

This game was almost done before the acquisitions but let’s just breeze past that little nugget

IamTylerDurden1144d ago

I saw it from the day they showed gameplay a year or two ago. Then, many tried to excuse the IGN gameplay prior to release like "the guy was just bad at the game". No. If anything that gameplay made it look better than what i'm playing rn.

goldwyncq144d ago

“but you dare not criticize Xbox games”

Who’s even saying this? Xbox games get rightfully criticized all the time for not being good. It’s the Playstation fans who always have a meltdown whenever one of their exclusives get criticized even if they’re mediocre like Days Gone or downright terrible like No Man’s Sky on launch.

RauLeCreuset144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

"Who’s even saying this?"

That loaded question presumes chrisx was quoting anyone as opposed to characterizing the attitude of supporters who want to dismiss valid criticism.



I see. You're the same person who said, "What is it with Sony fanboys having a persecution complex whenever someone criticizes something Sony does?"


Funny how you have a problem with the OP and tried to take your shot by bringing up Days Gone and NMS.

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SullysCigar145d ago

"Not even awesome vampires and world design can redeem Redfall's repetitive gameplay, which becomes progressively more monotonous the longer you play."

I know right? We so need a good vampire game. I quite enjoy the premise and the Gothicism that often accompanies them.

Redfall's not it. T-poses, glitches, monotony, awful AI and physics based bugs tend to ruin the atmosphere, as you'll just end up laughing at it.

RaidenBlack145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

"We so need a good vampire game." -


SullysCigar145d ago

lmao I KNEW someone would say Vampire Survivors! NOT what I'm after. Good game, don't get me wrong, but it definitely doesn't scratch the itch I need scratched. Bloodborne was deliciously gothic - I'm hankering for something like that, that looks the part.

RaidenBlack145d ago

Vampyr, (if you want SP)
Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt (if you want MP and its really good)

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 ~ when its out

repsahj144d ago

I agree with Raidenblack

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloohunt is a decent vampire MP game. (miles away from Redfall).

Hofstaderman145d ago

Sounds a bit like Cyberpunk 2077 lol.

Relientk77145d ago

And Xbox knocks it out of the park again

Sonic1881145d ago

What's hilarious is that this game got delayed for almost a year and that still didn't help. Let that sync in

MrBeatdown145d ago

Congrats to Xbox and the team!

TeamIcoFan145d ago

So, more gamepass filler junk.