The Next World – Official Announcement Trailer (upcoming Cyberpunk games 2023)

CG writes: Developer WinterYear Studios has just posted a very cool looking trailer for their upcoming cyberpunk-themed action-open-world game, THE NEXT WORLD. The game plans to release this year on consoles and PC via Steam.

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XiNatsuDragnel146d ago

Looks interesting and awesome tbh

masterfox146d ago

see this is what happens when you release too many unfinished games on release date from publishers, some indie devs are now thinking that releasing official game trailers in Alpha stage is just fine or Ok.

bunt-custardly145d ago

open your eyes masterfox, I think that has been happening for quite some time.

SDuck145d ago

indies have always released trailers of alpha versions. Exposure gets investment and investment gets investors (through kickstarter and such)

YourMommySpoils145d ago

Here comes another game on Game Pass


The Next World Review - Quarter to Three

Tom Chick - "I don’t mind that The Next World bills itself as a strategy visual novel, but has precious little strategy, or even that it makes what little strategy it has surprisingly opaque. I don’t mind that it uses the sort of simple artwork you’d find in an indie comic book or a JRPG with a meager budget."

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The Next World is a New Visual Novel and Strategy Hybrid

Hardcore Gamer: In this title, players must try to keep their group of survivors alive on a hostile alien planet. There’s no doubt that the choices you make will have a tremendous impact on these characters. Interested to take The Next World for a spin? It launches today on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux with a launch week discount of 20%.

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Strategy Visual Novel ‘The Next World’ Lands on Steam Next Month

Hardcore Gamer: In this game, players experience a story where space colonists crash land on an alien planet and must find a means to survive. Alongside interacting with crew members, there are more standard strategy aspects such as managing resources and building new structures.

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