The Asus ROG Ally has me ready to ditch my Steam Deck

Based on our hands-on time with the Asus ROG Ally, the Steam Deck has its first real competitor. And it'll be a hard one to beat.

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GoodGuy09156d ago

The thing for me with the deck was its compatibility. I play pretty obscure games and they just dont work well or simply don't work at all on the deck unless you do many advance workarounds with linux which... I'm not down for lol. I know you can switch it to windows but game performance takes a good hit on most games on the deck and I know Valve updates SteamOS very often with compatibility but...I just can't wait for the chance on whether my games will work or not eventually. There are some other minor annoyings with the Deck here and there for me as well.

If priced very close to the Deck, I may take a good look at the Ally. I keep seeing a bunch of different rumors surrounding the price which is...odd.

UltimateOwnage156d ago

It’s going to be hard for anything to replace my Deck for a while. The compatibility continues to surprise me and steadily improve, and the controls and OS features are so well integrated that it takes a lot of the “PC clunky” out of the experience and makes picking up and playing just work most of the time. That’s what makes Deck stand out, and will for some time to come.

There have been a lot of mobile PC / Console hybrid systems over the years, well before Deck came along, and these newer ones like the ROG are more of the same IMO. For me, I don’t want a Windows OS experience shoved down into a handheld screen. I want a Handheld that gets out of the way and lets me enjoy games as quickly as possible. Deck does that for me, even if it ends up that other iterative products out-perform it in the very near future.

I’m excited for the competition and for it to keep Valve on their toes, but they have reshaped the mobile PC market and I expect they’ll set the pace for at least a few more years to come.

XbladeTeddy156d ago

We'll see. Until price is official and reviews show it's solid I can't say either way. Gonna be hard to compete against the deck and I love Valve but will happily invest in this if it's good enough.

Pyrofire95156d ago

Even with the more powerful portables out there I don't think i'd go for anything that doesn't have the massive backing that the Steam Deck has.

Anomander156d ago

I'm good with my Deck and having multiple MicroSD cards (both 1TB). One with Win11 on it and another just for extra storage for steam games. Not that hard swapping and going into Win11 for Gamepass then having Steam as well.

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