Honkai Star Rail is the coolest thing to happen to turn-based JRPGs since Persona 5

Genshin Impact developer Hoyoverse delivers another dynamic combat system.

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Abriael149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

"JRPG" doesn't mean what you think it means, Gamesradar. 🤔

Also, imagine thinking that a gacha game with mobile quality, as pretty good as it is, is the coolest thing to happen to turn-based JRPG in several years.

Tell me you don't play JRPGs without telling me you don't play JRPGs.

PapaBop148d ago

Honestly, it is a great JRPG, calling it mobile quality is a disservice, this game is easily leaps and bounds ahead of 99.9% of mobile games. Gacha games though are a cancer on gaming, the full price of a retail JRPG game would get you like 30 pulls for the chance of getting a desirable character.

Abriael148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

It's arguably a good "RPG"
JRPG it isn't. It's made in China, not Japan.

Quality is subjective, but the gameplay is structured very specifically to make you do the gacha as much as possible, and it isn't even a very generous gacha. So yes, the mobile quality does get into the picture.

Flakegriffin148d ago


Yeah, it’s CRPG dang it!

luckytrouble148d ago

JRPG stopped meaning a game actually made by Japanese developers ages ago. It's pretty commonly accepted shorthand for any RPG with a more traditional turn based battle system. Chained Echoes is called a JRPG for example and that game is certainly not a Japanese developed title.

Pretending this isn't the case just so you can be contrary seems silly to me.

Kaii148d ago

I really wouldn't put this In the same league as Persona 5 (gameplay-wise)
Dialogue is steps above Genshins though

aws04148d ago

I still don't understand why these journalists continue to praise "turn based combat" in HSR when it combat system is literally a super inferior version of the Trails series.

GoodGuy09148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

But theres the Legend of Heroes games (which actually this game takes inspiration from and some devs are fans of) and Yakuza has gone to a cool turn based as well, and plenty of others. Perhaps Mihoyo can tell people how great turn based rpgs are and popularize it again lol. Shows that turn based just needs to look stylish and have some good quality to it to actually be great.

phoenixwing148d ago

Trails series isn't all turn based they changed it for the latest ones but your point still stands. Yakuza turn based is awesome.

FinalFantasyFanatic148d ago

Haven't they only used the new system is 3 games so far? I haven't keep up with the newer Trails games, I still gotta work through CS4 and the Crossbell games.

FinalFantasyFanatic148d ago

The combat in this game does look and feel really great, even when compared to alot of other JRPGs.

antikbaka148d ago

it's gacha shite obusing weak minded people

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has officially hit 10 Million Units Sold-Through Globally

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has officially hit 10 Million Units Sold-Through Globally!


Excellent game and I’d welcome a sequel.

Dirty_Lemons10h ago

Brutally hard but very good game.

HyperMoused8h ago

Absolutely loved this game, but got burn out on the final boss, ill get him one day, i still think four phases is BS though

chrisx6h ago

Same here. I'm not even interested in going back I tried my best, getting to him was a great achievement on it's own.

recoctimocassirnff6h ago

Still have this game in my backlog. Really need to get around to it. Having too much fun with BG3 atm, though.

MEGANE5h ago(Edited 5h ago)

30+ years of gaming xp and this is the first game that kicked my ass, currently stuck on the Owl second fight… I regret nothing.

qalpha1h ago

I'm in the minority, but the Owl fights were waaaay harder for me than any other, including Isshin Sword Saint. I think I died on that rooftop anywhere between 60 to 80 times on him. I wish the game kept track.

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Naughty Dog Says Tomorrow's Last of Us Day Stream Won't Have Game or TV News

Will focus on "art, merch, and more".

Naughty Dog has announced it'll be celebrating The Last of Us Day - its annual hat tip to the community - again this year, but has warned fans not to expect any game or TV show news.

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Snookies121d 2h ago

Is that multiplayer EVER going to drop? Like good lord... I love Naughty Dog so much, they're definitely in my top 5, if not top 3 developers. At this point, it's just getting ridiculous though. There's never even been a trailer for it, right? What the heck is going on with that? Just kind of baffled by the lack of info because I was looking forward to that quite a bit before Last of Us 2 even dropped.

-Foxtrot1d 2h ago

Last gen, 2 years after the PS4 released we had Uncharted 4 but we didn't get a new IP from them.

3 years after the PS5 dropped and we've had nothing new from NaughtyDog and still no sign of a new IP just a remake we really didn't need.

The only thing we know is coming is an online focused multiplayer game and while Factions was a great addition to the original TLOU it's not like any of us wanted a full on multiplayer game spin off to take time away from other things. We could have at least had a reveal trailer of their new IP by now by their second team if the focus wasn't so split.

Feels like they care more about the TV show, it's all they ever talk about even with the writers / actors strike going on.

Profchaos14h ago

Goes to show how boring this gen will turn out everyone's talking forever to craft their graphical masterpiece that the generation will be over by the time the next hitters come out

Markusb339h ago

starting to get fairly fed up with all the lack of communication from 1st party. Even when the last of us started its hype was more interesting, showing the ants etc and no one knew what the game was about.
Being totally in the dark is much worse

Obscure_Observer1d 1h ago

"Just kind of baffled by the lack of info because I was looking forward to that quite a bit before Last of Us 2 even dropped."

Looks like the rumors surrounding that game been in development hell are accurate.