Ninja announces Project V battle royale game built in UEFN

Twitch stars Ninja, NICKMERCS, TimTheTatMan, and more are developing their own multiplayer shooter Project V using UEFN to bring it life.

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XiNatsuDragnel146d ago

Sounds great hopefully ninja can do this tbh.

Vits146d ago

I'm surprised he is still relevant enough for that.
At this point I would just have retired, the dude made more than enough money to just chill for the rest of his life.

Welshy145d ago

He's fallen out of the streaming meta pretty hard, I honestly thought he already retired tbh, haven't heard his name for a long time.

I'm sure he still has a larger following than most streamers, but I didn't think he was relevant to the point of getting his own game either.

SinisterKieran145d ago

damn...another one. this is bad but i probably won't touch it because it has his name attached to it

GoodGuy09145d ago

They're rich so why not let em try at one?

MetroidFREAK21144d ago

Great, can't wait to not play it

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Bobby Kotick, Brad Smith, Other Microsoft & Activision Execs Comment on CMA's Preliminary Decision

Following the preliminary approval from UK's CMA, Microsoft and Activision execs have published new statements.

XiNatsuDragnel2h ago

Once this is over we can go back to business but Microsoft will eat everything up to compete buy hey gaming right.

Battlestar231h ago

Awesome so the deal can now pass. Hopefully MS quickly move on to buying Capcom, Ubisoft, Square Enix.

MrDead23m ago

Well I'm guessing they are very happy, the rich just got even richer.

I wonder what this means not only for any competition currently in the industry but anyone else looking to join? The cost of entry has now gone up massively to enter the market as competition has less and less access to third party publishers, and we know MS has now been given the green light to buy up and remove anything they want from the industry.

...MS, a slow spreading disease of market consolidation.


Microsoft would buy Valve 'if opportunity arises,' said Phil Spencer in leaked email

But its prime target was Nintendo, according to a 2020 email leaked during the FTC v Microsoft trial.

Sonic18811d 22h ago

Microsoft is getting exposed big time. Now I know why FTC tried to block them

-Foxtrot1d 20h ago

Yet despite the insane about of power hungry evidence…they still failed

Obscure_Observer1d 20h ago


"Yet despite the insane about of power hungry evidence…they still failed"

And will continue to fail as long as they put interest of a Multibillionaire companies like Sony, first, over consumer´s interest.

-Foxtrot1d 18h ago

Sony? We’re talking about Microsoft man

The biggest deflect I’ve seen…

solideagle1d 3h ago

lol Obscure, what about trillion dollar company over billion dollar company?

tagzskie1d 2h ago

@foxtrot yeah too many evidence and still pass, Now im curious whose the judge handling the case of acrivision.. And next time i wish the trial is live stream just like amber and johny depp so all the people can see..

blacktiger22h ago

We talking about Microsoft and you talking about Sony? They are not even part of FTC conversation